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Best Smallest Mini ITX Case in 2022

Best Smallest Mini ITX Case in 2022

One of the most common objections of building a personal computer is to buy a high -performance computer. But for computer and video enthusiasts like me, they want to make a computer and I agree that it is very important to connect everything to the appropriate computer. Yes Between performance and efficiency between airflow, cooling and retention.

Computers are available in any type and size and you can choose one that suits your needs. In recent years, Mini ITH players have had a good reputation for being small, concise and manageable, but they can do everything they can. If the mobile phone is a priority for you, be sure to add a small ITX box to the image and many of these features are similar to modern devices: graphic cards, motherboard and other Water softener.

Things to Look for When Buying The Smallest Mini Itx PC Case

Choosing a computer assistant may seem easy, but it’s certainly not easy, and there are a few things to remember before you find and help the computer you need.

1) Form Factor and Motherboard Compatibility

Although this article describes the small dimensions of the ITX chassis, I recommend modifying the specifications as the mini-ITX chassis is available in different models as there are no requirements for a large ITX chassis. And it’s big now, and you’re sure to get what you want. Although this article is about Mini-ITX integrators, if you have a MATX motherboard, you will find detailed instructions on choosing the best MATX converter.

This can be a good option if you want to get ITX insurance for a small and RV for activities like entertainment on a LAN or a friend’s house.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something to suit your AIO aircraft or refrigerator, you can still choose a large ITX tank or operate this aircraft, the choice is yours.

In addition to the form, you need to know whether the ITX standard you want to buy works or is compatible with the motherboard. Initially, ITX models were used in ITX computers, but now manufacturers have built many ITX models that can not only use ITX motherboards, but also work in ATX and mATX homes.

2) Aesthetics and Looks

People who think it’s not a problem are just dumb and buy money, computers and personal life. On an ITX computer, the beautiful design doesn’t do much, but it does affect the overall quality of the configuration.

If ITX has a good computer, you don’t need RGB frames. Thin metal or acrylic panels offer additional features for your entire computer. The business computer is evolving and is no longer a large metal box. You can try cleaning the computer in the gift box.

Today, many manufacturers have developed ITX computer hardware and traditional RPG lamps to customize your computer With security glass, acrylic or cold, you can store all beautiful and durable equipment. Not all tea lights have RGB lights, but in entertainment terms, an ITX bulb with a light appearance and a variety of colors would be nice. This is your choice because it is common for deaf and dumb people.

3) Cooling Capabilities and Airflow

Computer use is a good computer, I tell computer seekers. What you are looking for is an ITX wallet. Winter is important, but you are not alone. Without fresh air, your computer may crash and crash.

On the other hand, a well-designed laptop can change the design of your computer and create more comfort. Although wireless and air conditioning are not good, your computer will work for other issues such as heating that can damage your computer.

In the cold, most ITX computers now support efficient and usually wireless AIO cooling systems. After all, how long is an ITX cargo that is unmatched by an airplane or fan is good, so I believe there is something wrong with the church you are looking for.

As for the weather, here are the ITX box fans. Some ITX home computers have special features to support compression and editing, such as a dual-stage GPU screen.

4) Cable Management and Connectivity Ports

No matter how good your external computer is, there is a good computer that can clean it. He doesn’t want to load too many phones on the back of a computer or device, especially if he has a window to show all of them. Home pins are difficult to handle and hold tight, even though they see external wires and cords.

Therefore, ITX computer management is very versatile, not only saving time in working with the computer, but also streamlining the repair and maintenance of the internal computer. The skin of the test wire may consist of belts and connecting wires that hold the wires and cord together during the test. This does not apply to ITX computers, but make sure you buy or install the features.

Another great aspect of computers is that they communicate a lot. Even if your computer has at least one headset and a headset, usually two USB ports, most ITXs have a C port in USB mode, so you need to upgrade your computer to the latest technology. Use them to describe holiday adventures.

5) Budget

The last but insignificant thing is capital. I would never allow myself to spend a lot of money on computer related things. It’s better to save money for other projects.

The beauty, texture and seriousness of RGB are great features that you do not need. If you have a budget, look for ITX software that is not available. On the other hand, if you want to create a hard drive or game console and are ready to use it, we recommend taking some time to do things like support various ITXs and add features.

Best Overall
Cooler Master Masterbox Nr200 Mini ITX PC Case
Cooler Master Masterbox Nr200 Mini ITX PC Case
  • Supports high-end components
  • Only 8.2 liters in volume
  • Outstanding airflow
Editor`s Choice
Fractal Design Node 202 Mini ITX Console Type Case
Fractal Design Node 202 Mini ITX Console Type Case
  • Fits in a backpack
  • Can house high-end components
  • Only 5 liters in volume
Best Budget
Inwin A1 Plus Mini ITX PC Case
Inwin A1 Plus Mini ITX PC Case
  • Spacious interior
  • Outstanding design
  • Premium build quality

My Picks for The Smallest Mini ITX PC Cases

1) Cooler Master Masterbox Nr200 Mini ITX PC Case


Frozen Master is one of the best computer and hardware stores currently available and the quality of products offered is very good. Setting up a PC is very impressive and just look at the Masterbox NR200 to show how well the Masterbox PC works.

The Masterbox NR200 may not be the smallest on this list, but it’s actually the smallest of any ITX on this list. The NR200 is a combination of MATX and ITX boxes, not your standard ITX, because it offers the best MATX box and can keep everything the same.

The available 18-liter ITX chassis is foldable and can be stored in a convenient, simple and easy-to-install package. The bag has a design opening and this is great for a small basic design.

But there is enough room for the design to fit three cards into the system, so it won’t be complete in terms of repeating the design. The design of Masterbox NR200 impresses with its high metal base that enhances the environment. The NR200 is available in two and black and white colors and you can choose one of them.

Both of these feature 92mm to 120mm fan rings, which prevent the computer from overheating and can be safely removed if the fan shaft is large.

What you see in the Masterbox NR200 is very good for water cooling, and this kid can have an oven up to 280mm wide. The case supports GPU sensitivity and provides a great option for good airflow.

Designers and software manufacturers need to customize NR200 tires for adjustment. You can print a few meters in 3D and attach it to your body. There is a risotto plate in a full glass jar. The Masterbox NR200 is designed to have the best equipment in the arcade.

As one of the best manufacturers of ITX desktops, the NR 200 does not include any instrument in its design, ie. it needs to be adjusted, removed or opened to replace it. Quick fixes, free. Pump or screw. The house has bolts and wheels.

  • Supports high-end components
  • Only 8.2 liters in volume
  • Outstanding airflow
  • Premium build quality
  • No side panel window
  • Expensive

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2) Inwin A1 Plus Mini ITX PC Case


The great thing about computer products today is that they have many features that are not available on older computers. Below is the standard InWin A1 Plus Mini ITX computer that combines attractive features and specifications to make it clear to consumers what they need: easy to use, easy to use, and easy to use. In my opinion, the InWin A1 Plus Mini ITX case is the best mini-ITX case with only one and a 5 year warranty. Safe and convenient.

Like other games, the Wave A1 Plus is the first product to have a beautiful RGB LED flash. While most computers do not have RGB, the InWin A1 Plus includes several controls for creating keyboard shortcuts.

The shelf’s clear color palette also acts as a light source and distributes RGB light to the bulb for mixed effects. If you are planning to upgrade your RGB devices, the cabinet also has RGB control.

Some manufacturing companies want manufacturing companies to get used to the manufacturing business. The InWin A1 Plus has wireless connection speeds. The Qi 1.2 WPC compliant operating system works with all Qi compliant devices, smartphones and competing devices. With a power output of 10W, the A1 Plus has enough power to power all car cables. Keep the Qi machine on top of the box. When you look at the InWin A1 Plus, it’s amazing that it worships a small space. Incompatibility with the Mini-ITX cabinet makes installation and adjustment difficult. You don’t have to worry about technology, as the A1 Plus has storage capacity up to 320mm. Supports 160mm heating without worrying about cold and icy temperatures.

  • Spacious interior
  • Outstanding design
  • Premium build quality
  • Spacious interior

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3) Fractal Design Node 202 Mini ITX Console Type Case


With links I always offer new items at new prices. The ITX EC 202 Mini 202 is a similar and attractive computer model, but it is useful because it requires high performance in production or repair. When you think of something new and new, you will love the background design. See 202, like PlayStation or Xbox. The goal is to build 202 playgrounds, which is a great way to build a fireplace inside.

Wide, simple and beautiful makes it easy to connect with a wardrobe and build a home or land. Target 202 is well integrated with the ITX environment, with a minimum power and a specific size of 10.2 liters. The star image looks like a small computer, but it can rotate inward and outward. Depending on the situation or the adaptability of the situation, you may be able to adjust your wishes.

If you have a weak model with RGB lights, the AP 202 lamp is not the right choice. So think about the other options on this list, but do not put yourself in a good position. The computer is good.When I first got the 202 key, I thought I couldn’t fix it, but it was a mistake as the 202 key was defined by the mother board and drawings.

Prepare SFS to be placed in the container. This is a tool, so don’t forget to purchase or choose the Integra SFX 450V power supply. Powder makes you feel good.

  • Fits in a backpack
  • Can house high-end components
  • Only 5 liters in volume
  • Great design
  • Not much room for case fans
  • A bit pricey

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4) Skyreach 4 Mini


The next generation needs a form-factor computer upgrade anywhere, and the SKYREACH 4 mini is an ultra-compact, low-pressure ITX mini that doesn’t look like a standard computer. There is only one square piece of metal on the back of the box. Good things happen, but the SKYREACH 4 Mini is one of the cheapest and most widely used information technologies today.

Special meditation and training on modeling and marketing operations provides great value for money. Computer technology allows you to print good news for home computers and smartphones.

3D models can be developed and customers can design and build their own SKYREACH 4 Mini, which can be part of the problems with ITX.

Although the ITX Mini weighs just 1.1kg, I was surprised by the lightness of the SKYREACH 4 Mini. It is also understandable, the size and weight of the owner. The 215mm GPU also supports the SKYREACH 4 Mini with features and specifications that differentiate this product. Of course, the SKYREACH 4 Mini is only for high end small ITX models. But it can be used at home or for your own needs.

  • Price
  • Great tiny ITX case for high-end gaming components
  • None, this thing rocks for gaming PCs

5) Inwin B1 Mini-ITX Chassis


According to rectangular or computer-generated chess, Invin has only one thing – at least chess ITX B1. Location on the map. Enough, but itx mini gpus can’t support.With a small B1 key, place the table on the floor next to the TV. Build a PC or HTP, even though it’s not ready to play. If you like small things at home, this is fine.

Room B1 is ideal for ITX buildings and has a balance between space and space. Turn on the operating system carefully to allow for advanced suspension. The InWin B1 meets all user requirements and has a wide 60mm wide window that meets MD and Intel standards. The unique and clean design of InWin B1 allows it to be removed from the wall and placed on an altar or office. Once the B1 head is loaded, it can be used as a fork. B1 operates in white InWin 200W over 80 incl.

  • Dude it’s dirt cheap
  • Great tiny ITX case for budget builds
  • Good quality
  • Plastic, not metal


I tried my best to give you an idea of how to find the best mini ITX case, but since this list is about the smallest ones available for purchase right now, I did my best to give you a detailed overview of the things you should know before you purchase your own PC case.

From this list, I would pick the Fractal Design Node 202 Mini ITX Console Type Case as the smallest and best ITX PC case. Fractal Design is not only a highly reputable PC case manufacturer, but it also offers reliable products at an affordable price. The Node 202’s small and compact design, as well as the vents and air filters, make it the best choice in my opinion.

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