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Best Lightest Gaming Headset in 2022

Best Lightest Gaming Headset in 2022

Professional gamers prefer more than computer-controlled game consoles. All you need is some new machinery and equipment that will make you all the money.

In-game audio and music instructions can take the gameplay to the next level of game mechanics. This is why I recommend you to buy a good lightweight headphone that will work well while playing games for one simple reason. Although you will have to spend a lot of money on professional sports. But you can start with the right ones. In this list, I will try to pick the best and lightest part of the game based on your price and needs.

My Recommendations For The Lightest Gaming Headset

1) Logitech G733 Lightspeed RGB 


The list of the best and longest-lasting products starts right away with the arrival of the wireless earbuds.Logitech has always been one of the leading manufacturers of gaming and the quality of any product, regardless of mouse, can never be guaranteed. Equipment or headphones

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Head is designed to be as clean and comfortable as possible. With a wide range of sound filters, personalized sounds and RGB LEDs, the G733 has everything you need to take your gaming to the next level. There are two types of people in the gaming community: those who play without cables, without cables, and others who like to connect to the radio worse than ever.

With all of this information, you can choose what you want, but the Logitech G733 headphones offer true wireless features that Logitech likes to call LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, giving you at least 20 meters of wireless freedom.

This means that you have to be honest when you unplug your headphones from lost items and other computer equipment, and when writing articles the cord is broken.

The earbuds get more than 29 hours of battery life on a single charge, which may vary depending on usage.The Logitech G733 Wireless RGB Lightspeed Gaming Head is available in black, white, purple and blue.

One of the most popular features in PC gaming is the full RGB brightness of the gaming rig, and luckily, Logitech has the Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset with RGB LED on the front that displays 16.8 million colors. RGB support has been drastically reduced with LIGHTSYNC, which means you can easily adjust colors and add new lighting or pre-effects using the official Logitech G HUB software on the website.

Customizing the player’s outfit will drive you crazy.All Logitech G733 headphones, from the microphone cable to the straps, are sold in different materials, available in multiple colors, and sold separately. As for the quality of the headphones, the Logitech product is best in its class.

The robust and fully featured G733 RGB gaming headset with Logitech PRO-G Discs also supports DTS: X 2.0 Surround Sound and Blue VO! Which kind? The microphone connected to the headphones provides clear, error-free sound and allows you to communicate easily with familiar muffled tones.

Since these messages are dedicated to popular sports footage, we can also mention the weight of the headphones.The Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Head, at just 278g, is the best wireless game console on the market and its muscle It is very comfortable. Destroys the strands to distribute most of the weight.

Main Features:

  • It is extremely lightweight and weighs only 278 grams.
  • LIGHTSYNC, which supports RGB LED backlight.
  • Everything goes wireless with Logitech LIGHTSPEED wireless technology.
  • There are many kinds of flowers.

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2) Corsair HS50 Stereo 


You shouldn’t miss the Corsair game from a gaming point of view in any case. Since its inception, Corsair has always been a big tech company, doing whatever its players want. In addition to home furnishings, peripherals and accessories like toys, scrolls, and headphones are leading despite their higher prices. Comes out at a reasonable price.

Below is the Corsair HS50 Gaming Headset, which is one of the best lightweight racing games under $ 50. But I can assure you these Corsair earrings will not disappoint. This is a guarantee of comfort.

Soft foam head bottoms and earbuds work together to keep you feeling good, the Corsair HS50 headphone jack is designed for the ultimate gaming experience and incredible sound quality. The headphones are elegant and durable due to the metal material and will be difficult to use for hours.

The Corsair HS50 headphones feature superb 50mm neodymium controls, delivering exceptionally clear and precise sound over a wide range. For communications, the HS50 also features a Discord-certified multi-purpose microphone that eliminates and reduces ambient noise and provides improved audio quality. For greater flexibility, the microphone can be disassembled, which means the earbuds are easy to hold and carry.

The headphone control options are a bit limited, as the Corsair HS50 only has a volume up and down button and a microphone / volume up / down button on the back of the headphones.There are two sides to the left side of the headphones, and I personally. Like different controls Volume and mouse / button controls are very simple and you can change the volume and microphone settings at the same time with just one click.

As for the games, they can not only play But only on computers But it can also be played on keyboards and mobile devices. Corsair describes when he developed the HS50 headset, which is platform compatible as it is compatible with all new devices. Sex player. Keyboards such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation, smartphone and computer. The headset is also compatible with Xbox consoles, but you’ll want to purchase a premium retail product from Microsoft.

Main Features:

  • It comes with high quality 50mm neodymium drivers.
  • There is a noise canceling microphone with a noise canceling function.
  • Supports different versions of sounds and materials.
  • Simple and lightweight (330g).

3) Steeleseries Arctis 1 Wireless 4-In-1 


SteelSeries is one of the leading manufacturers of computer hardware and peripherals. Steel Series products have always earned a good reputation in the gaming industry, and the SteelSeries ARCTIS 1 Wireless shows just how great their products are. As for the price of the headphones, they have just skyrocketed to $ 119 and are still available online.

In terms of convenience, the Arctis 1 is superior to most wireless headphones because it can be used not only But on weekends and built-in computers like the Playstation are not only available on Android and Nintendo Switch, meaning they can be played anywhere.

With Bluetooth, the Steel Series Arctis 1 can connect to your wireless devices via a 2.4GHz USB receiver, making it difficult to connect and eliminating extremely fast response times. For those who prefer a quiet phone, the Arctis 1 headphones have an additional accessory so you can connect a 3.5mm audio cable to the 3.5mm port and then to the phone or Xbox computer audio port.

This is better for me anyway as I mostly work with my audio system and if you want to switch to wireless you have a really scannable USB Type-C wireless switch.

When you look at your headset, you can find all the information and create and manage sections on the left side of the headset. This section includes a button to turn the microphone on or off, a USB Type C port for charging the headphones, and a volume wheel to change the volume directly.

Let’s face it, headphones without a microphone can’t be called true headphones, so the Arctic Arctis 1 steel series is equipped with a ClearCase two-way noise-canceling microphone, not only a Discord-certified microphone, but also. Very fun But the microphone is also disassembled, which means you can easily carry the headset by unplugging the microphone and throwing it in your backpack.

The Iron Series has never been used like their headers, and the world of the Arctis 1 wireless headphones are as clear and clear as the Arctic 7 Steelseries audio controllers, which deliver the best sound. Arctis Soundscape which enhances sound quality with superb detail.

One thing he pursued as a passionate gamer was the absence of Arctic RGB 1 lighting. It was not like it used to be. But personally I only need a little light. Plus, the flawless design is appreciated and the sturdy metal back supports the perfect helmet set and fits easily over the head.

Main Features:

  • Supports wireless (via 3.5mm cable) and wired (via USB Type-C).
  • His resistance was very low and he had no sound.
  • In the Arctic, they give clear voice commands.
  • Built-in face-to-face microphone for ClearCast noise cancellation.

4) Logitech G Pro


These are two Logitech headphones on my light list, and for good reason, Logitech really knows customers, and how much they care about developers, which is why they work with one of the pros. The best in the world to make one of the first G-Series models, the Logitech G Pro Referee – Simple, Functional, and Ease of Use in one package.

When it comes to game quality, everything matters, and unfortunately, Logitech doesn’t have the thickness, and the G Pro headphones have improved neodymium speakers, what Logitech calls the PRO-G hybrid network audio driver.

You can hear familiar sounds that you have never seen before with more realism and clarity and leave everyone in the dust. From your feet to every move, game sound plays a role, changing sounds can change the course of the whole game, and Logitech Pro Gaming Headphones help you stay one step ahead of your opponents. Goodbye in every situation.

The G Pro headphones and software compatibility are another nice thing that I like. These in-ear headphones support Dolby Atmos and even Windows 10 surround sound features as well as Windows Sonic for more precise and clear audio control. The unique surround sound of G Pro Gaming Tab lets you know where you are in the game and you can easily win the game.

No matter how good the headphones are But there is always ambient noise, but fortunately, the G Pro series can reduce noise.

All of this is possible only because of the soft, visible skin in the ear canal, which fits in the ear, moves better and comes out about 50 percent from the environment. The suede earbuds can be taken out of the box.

A good audio microphone is the key to good communication during competition and gaming, which is why the Logitech G Series Pro Gaming Headphones are equipped with a professional quality condenser microphone that can improve speech clarity when performing. Gratitude in the microphone High sensitivity and wide frequency response.

Gamin g bets can be time consuming, so it’s very important that your gaming gear is easy to use.The G-Series Pro headphones are not only rugged but also eye-catching, the G Pro is built with premium construction materials. Including a soft TR90 nylon resin body, stainless steel soft and lightweight tongue.

Main Features:

  • The kit includes adjustable headphone attachments for every taste.
  • PRO-G Hybrid has the right tone.
  • Best quality condenser equipped microphone.
  • Very lightweight construction with reliable sound insulation.

5) Razer Blackshark V2


Only Razer products are missing from this list. There is no better than this!

This is the Razer Blackshark V2 headphones for 2021, also included among the best lighting products on the market. Although Razer’s products are classified as inexpensive commercial products But they were never frustrating and sticking to the name.Razer is currently one of the most popular manufacturers of sports equipment and outdoor gear.

The Razer Blackshark V2 gaming headphones are designed for anyone who loves sports. The Blackshark V2 is a beacon that combines incredible sound, bright microphone lights and enhances sound and vision for hundreds of professional gamers. The year 2021 and Razer has not yet been completed due to its technology and features.

The Razer Blackshark V2 features Razer’s proprietary 50mm audio drivers to give gamers what they want – crisp bass, crystal clear sound and a heart-pounding heart. All speakers have been redesigned and revamped to ensure they perform as efficiently as possible.

With excellent and continuous practice, you can win the competition, and in this way, Razer has integrated the Hyperclear Cardioid Cassette Microphone with your Blackshark V2 Gaming Headphones, which picks up and eliminates all background and ambient sounds in the While keeping all your language words correct and listening to your friends.

The microphone is designed with the housing open to eliminate external noise during communication and ultimately improve the clarity of the received sound. In addition, the microphone can be turned on and off for the convenience of all players.

No game will ever want to distract you from a game that requires a lot of attention, which is why the Razer Blackshark V2 gaming headset is specially designed to cover the headphones with a functional cushion. Fit in your ears for a “busy” sound or sit still.

The Razer Blackshark V2 gaming headset is lighter and weighs less than 240g, which is heavier than the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset. Flip through the article and you will still not be able to see it while you play.

These dense fabric pillows and other leather-covered memory foam pillows let you enjoy your games in the most comfort.

The Blackshark V2 gaming headphones are one of the few headphones on the list, support 7.1 channel audio, say goodbye to wrong words and speech hints. Goodbye and it sounds good with a decent tone so you can quickly find your enemies.

The headphones also support platform compatibility, which means that no matter what device you plug in, you’re ready to plug in the Blackshark V2 and use the 3.5mm jack, and the Tab will work with keyboards like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo. Switch., Mobile devices, etc. Of course, computers.

Main Features:

  • Use the Razer Triforce 50mm Record for great sound.
  • Platforms are supported on various devices and consoles.
  • It has a lightweight design and soft leather texture, making it perfect for sports.
  • Support 7.1 surround sound and noise filtering.

6) Roccat Noz Stereo


The bottom of the frame and sometimes light Weighing just 210g, the ROCCAT Noz stereo headphones deliver the most accurate display ever made.ROCCAT Noz has the best, innovative and well-optimized design and lives up to its own.

ROCCAT Noz Stereo Gaming Head Heavy Duty delivers rich and beautiful sound in clear frames. The head is made of special materials and home accessories and not only It is heavier than other ears on the market, but also has more detail and clarity.

Additional headphones for louder and better sound ROCCAT Noz Stereo Gaming Headphones offer 50 mm of optimized sound control for the best level, mid-range, and gamer vouchers you’ve never tried before. All sounds can be superimposed for clear communication during playback.

We don’t have a heavy sport and everything goes into the basket to win the race when the gaming gear they use gets strong, which is why ROCCAT engineers do their best to make Noz one of the coolest and easiest games out there. Expert staff. New face patterns appeared in the face designs.

The oval front of the ear provides maximum ear space for a more comfortable and easy grip.

What I love about ROCCAT Noz is the standard gift accessory. The cushions are specially designed to stay cool even after prolonged use. Many hours of gaming that is soothing and eliminates the need to wear headphones.

The sturdy construction includes a sturdy frame, metal hinges and a retractable stainless steel head. The overhead management does a little bit of work, but works well.The headset has a convenience button and a button to turn the microphone on or off.

Main Features:

  • Beautiful interior with finished appliances.
  • It has a 50 mm audio drive for excellent clarity.
  • Designed for a lightweight 210g.
  • As you play, do special things that calm you down.

Read This To Choose The Best Lightweight Gaming Headset


Sound Output & Audio Quality

The first thing you want to know about your new earbud or earbud is the quality of the earbuds and the sound they produce. Errors and loudness.

The quality of the headphones depends on the sound of the vehicle you are using, so be sure to check the specifications of the headphones before purchasing.

When it comes to the quality of the earbuds, there are many unique earbuds that can create different gaming experiences. When you look online, you’ll see a wide variety of headphones that specialize in conveying speech and sound. All you have to do is find a suitable one and then select it. But don’t leave bad-sounding headphones on.

Quality Of The Microphone

The key to winning tournaments and tournaments is always good communication between your friends, that’s why you need to have a good microphone in your ear. First, we delve into our needs, reflect on our needs, and then choose the game.

If you’ve ever played a new kind of gambling game and had the opportunity to chat with friends to play video games, any headset can do it.

On the other hand, whether you’re a TV host or a professional gamer, it can be a good idea to back up your microphone, especially if you want to become a partner. So if you are a fan or a pro gamer, I would always recommend purchasing a headset with the best microphone for your phone, perhaps a sliding microphone. Extra money spent on microphones is paid.

Design & Comfort

Not all buildings are in the same building and project. Face styles vary by brand and manufacturer, and options are still popular with competitors. Someone likes light headphones, some – face recognition.

Therefore, it is important to determine the body length and weight of the ears that you wish to purchase to ensure that there are any infections.Since most gamers love heavy headphones, I would highly recommend purchasing them. Another mouth mask when buying your first stethoscope. Look for the best ear cups for maximum comfort.

From the point of view of simplicity, game lessons should always be convenient, no matter what. However, the hands-free gear is a great place to start for survivors who are new to gambling and have limited resources.

A cheap face mask is best if you only play for an hour or two a day, maybe an hour or two. But when used for a long time, not only But only easy to wear But it’s also uncomfortable to live in sweat and keep your ears warm. Those who spend a lot of time on their computers can buy some good leather or foam earbuds, which might be a good idea in the long run, as they’re ready to give people the opportunity to play.

Connectivity Mode

The best age question for cable or wireless gaming devices has always been the subject, because players will always be one thing. Personally, I always like to say that wireless headphones are a better choice than cables. But the options differ from person to person as the problems are different.

However, there are advantages over wireless headphones over wired headphones. Usually, cell phone calls are inconvenient if you get stuck in certain locations, you can also use your headphones to connect to other devices while playing games.

Also, some wireless earbuds have a wireless connection that is up to 20 meters long, just like a phone cord that’s always less than 5 meters long.


Watching professional gamers on their streams or in live events, you may have noticed that they use expensive gear, such as gaming mice, gaming keyboards, and gaming headsets, which play a big role in their success.

Gaming headphones have really become an important part of a gamer’s arsenal. Yet, from this list of the lightest gaming headsets, I will most definitely crown the ROCCAT Noz Gaming Headset as the winner because of its incredible build and construction while only weighing 210 grams. At such a low price, you will not find anything better.

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