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How to Check Mouse DPI on Windows 10 and 11 in 2022

How to Check Mouse DPI on Windows 10 and 11 in 2022

Computer systems are composed of peripheral devices that perform different tasks together. The mouse is the most essential device among all these devices. Any visual interface requires the use of a mouse as an input device. A good mouse determines how precise, quick and accurate various selections, strikes, and sudden moves in a game are.       

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A mouse’s performance and sensitivity are primarily determined by its DPI, as it is the value that reflects its speed and sensitivity. You can adjust the speed of the mouse cursor by adjusting how many pixels per second it moves. When your mouse is more sensitive, its DPI will also be higher.

chek DPi Mouse

The mouse is a pointing device, and it is used for gaming and to click icons to open applications and folders to perform tasks. Since the gaming mouse has a relatively high DPI, it makes it easier for users to react or focus on their target during a game.

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What is DPI?   

The number of dots that can be arranged in a line across 1 inch is the DPI. A higher DPI produces a sharper picture in terms of picture quality, so you can get more resolution from a picture.

A mouse’s DPI differs slightly from that of a video or picture. As an example, if your mouse has 800 DPI, the cursor will move at 800 pixels for every inch of the screen you move the mouse. The cursor will move more rapidly for every real-life inch if the DPI is increased.

How to check mouse DPI

When you don’t know anything about your mouse manufacturer and don’t know any other ways to find DPI, checking it is not very easy. We’ve got your back if you don’t know what your mouse DPI is or how to check it from the mouse information or other resources.

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Most gaming mice have a button that allows you to switch DPI while playing. Here are some ways to tell you how to find out the DPI of your mouse, even if it can be challenging with some mice. Let’s examine them.

1) From Manufacturer Specifications

It is the simplest method because you can search online for your mouse’s model and make. A specification chart or sheet will show you the DPI figures if your mouse is unbranded.


If you check the specification chart or sheet that comes with the gaming mouse, you will probably find the highest DPI value it supports. However, many renowned manufacturers provide extensive information about the DPI.

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If you bought the mouse online, you can find out your model by checking your orders. You will need to locate the section that stores the information about mouse’s orders. Perhaps it will be in front of the tag resolution.

It’s just a simple Google search. When you search for mouse model DPI, you’ll find the information you need. There are many people who do not know what mouse model they have, so we will have to discuss another method below about how to find the DPI of your mouse.

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2) Install the Support Software

The support software can be installed to determine the mouse DPI. When it comes to the stock drivers that most unbranded mice use, it becomes difficult. For known manufacturers, this method works almost every time. Download the necessary software support from the manufacturer’s website.

Using the drivers, you can customize the gaming mouse in many ways. One of the most important customizations among these fantastic settings is changing the mouse DPI. After installing the required drivers/software, you can change the RGB lights, remap buttons, configure macros, and certainly change the DPI.

Glorious-Model-D- Work

Within the mouse software, you need to find the DPI settings. As the location may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, make sure you read the instructions in the software manual or search for it if you cannot find it through the interface.

The mouse’s maximum and minimum DPI range can be found once you locate the DPI settings. An easier way to find out the precise DPI of a gaming mouse is to use this tool. If this method does not work for you, try the following method.

3) Use an online DPI calculator

You can check the DPI of your mouse with many online tools. If you still can’t find the DPI of your mouse, you can use the online DPI calculator.

Make sure that any pointer acceleration is also disabled if you already have mouse driver software installed. In Windows 10, you can disable the acceleration of the pointer by going to “Settings.”


Navigate to “Devices” and then select “Mouse and touchpad” from the left menu. In the mouse settings, click on “Additional mouse options.” This will take you to the mouse settings. Under the “Pointer Options” tab, uncheck “Enhanced pointer precision.”

Now that you’ve completed the DPI checker for a gaming mouse, check the other requirements and limitations if you haven’t already done so at Real Mouse DPI Analyzer.


Use a scale to enter the distance in the ‘Target distance’ box on the website. Make the mouse pointer go from the left side of the screen to the right side by calculating the distance you will need to move your mouse.

A value cannot be entered in the Configured DPI box until you know your mouse’s DPI. Grab the mouse and drag it to the right by holding the red crosshair at the bottom of the page. Move the mouse to the distance you specified earlier. For better results, don’t try to rush things and move the mouse accurately.

Keep the mouse from reaching the border of your computer display. If it crosses the browser window, it will not affect the results, but if it reaches the screen’s border, it can. Avoid starting in the middle of the screen to avoid reaching the border before completing the required distance.

4) Using Paint to measure DPI

Paint in Windows 10 makes it very easy to estimate your mouse’s DPI. You can use it to figure out your mouse DPI in MS Paint. Here are some steps you’ll need to take: 

Launch Paint by typing “Paint” into the Windows 10 search bar. It is better to use the classic Paint app rather than Paint 3D.


Put your mouse cursor on the most left side of the image in paint. Ensure that the zoom level of the paint window is 100%; otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the results.

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Another thing to consider is the position of the mouse cursor. The pixel should be at 0 pixels on the left side of the window. Look at the number in the bottom left corner of the window to confirm the value.

Hold down the left mouse button while dragging a line with your mouse. On a desk, at a distance of 2 inches.


Throughout this article, you learned about mouse DPI and how it impacts performance. This article explains how you can check the mouse DPI on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Each method is effective in its own way. Checking your mouse DPI and setting it at the correct value will always give you an edge over the competition in competitive gaming. If you need more information and are experiencing difficulty finding the mouse DPI, please let us know in the comments.

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