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Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard In 2022

Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard In 2022

The Best Quiet Mechanical keyboards have transformed from niche peripherals favored by retro conservationists, coders, typists, and subversive eSports pros to ubiquitous components of PC gaming.

Today, anyone serious about games jumps in armed with a mechanical keyboard, and for good reason. The tactile feedback and satisfying audible click delivered by each press are tangible advantages over their non-mechanical counterparts, as are all the speed and accuracy that come hand in hand with knowing, free of any doubt, when each keypress has been registered. Then there are the various mechanical switches that cater to different tactile preferences and their ability to register far more simultaneous key presses than non-mechanical keyboards.

A second advantage is their durability over non-mechanical keyboards, which stiffen and lose their springiness over time and have a considerably shorter lifespan. This advantage is the difference between procuring a replacement once or twice a decade instead of every year or two in the context of rapid, frequent key presses common to modern gaming.

Even though mechanical keyboards offer genuine performance advantages, they can be very loud, sometimes obnoxiously so. Whether it’s the tappity-tap that strains your favorite streamer’s mic or the choice words from housemates upset by a particularly demanding all-night gaming marathon, there are times when we wish our mechs made less noise.

What are the best quiet mechanical keyboards on the market? Our recommendations keep noise low without sacrificing any of the features that make mechanical keyboards the peripheral of choice for gamers.

Based on the scope of our guide, we favored mechanical keyboards that kept noise to a minimum. You should bear in mind that ‘quiet’ is relative and if you expect the same near-silent operation as membrane keyboards, you might be disappointed. Even ostensibly quiet mechanical keyboards always emit an audible sound.

In addition to quiet operation, we also considered the type and quality of mechanical switches, build quality, and construction to evaluate each keyboard’s overall value and on-finger feel. Price was also taken into account.

Features such as palm rests, programmable keys and macros, media controls, responsive RGB lights, and USB pass-through, and some of the more questionable benefits rooted in aesthetics, such as customizable backlighting, were considered desirable, but not essential for a complete quiet mechanical keyboard experience.

In the end, we narrowed down our recommendations to four top choices. You’ll find a brief review of each, highlighting their strengths and highlighting their weaknesses. Let’s get started.

Top 8 Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

1) Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

The Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 is one of the best PC peripherals Corsair makes. The MK.2 name implies that it is an updated version of the original Strafe keyboard with a few upgrades and a costlier price tag.

A Cherry MX Silent switch is used on the Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2. They provide all the responsiveness and smooth actuation of Cherry Red switches, but minimize operating noises by dampening the audible clicking associated with the Red switches.

Cherry’s MX Silent switches have a linear design and are up to 30% quieter than the company’s other switches. The tactile feel is smooth and precise, and the audible noise is low for a mechanical keyboard.

Anti-ghosting with full-key rollover ensures that every key press is registered, regardless of how fast or how many keys you press simultaneously. For those who prefer a more grippable keyboard, Corsair provides a set of textured and contoured keycaps.

Although quiet key presses are the main attraction of the Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2, Corsair has added a host of extra features. Onboard storage of 8MB allows you to save up to three profiles, which include customized lighting, macros, and shortcuts.

There is a USB pass-through port on the back near the cable that can be used to connect a mouse or other peripheral without using an on-PC port. On the keyboard’s brushed aluminum trim are also multimedia controls (play/pause, stop, forward, back) and a volume roller.

There’s also a soft-touch palm rest for added comfort, which, when combined with the keyboard’s excellent key spacing, makes for comfortable typing.

The Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 features RGB backlighting on each key that can be customized via Corsair’s iCUE software. However, the software isn’t the most intuitive and requires considerable menu hopping to perform simple tasks.

  • Excellent gaming experience
  • RGB backlighting
  • Media controls USB pass-through
  • Non-intuitive customization software
  • Expensive

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2) Durgod Taurus K310 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod Taurus K310 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Durgod Taurus K310 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

Durgod’s K310 and K320 keyboards are largely the same, except that the K310 is a full-sized mechanical keyboard and the K320 is tenkeyless, which lacks a number pad. If you have a small desk and want to save space, a tenkeyless layout is convenient. Nevertheless, if you do a lot of number entry, this may make this task more difficult.

A variety of colors are available for both keyboards: two-toned dark and light grey, two-toned off-white and grey, and white backlights and RGB lighting. Depending on whether you choose backlight or not, prices will vary.

Both keyboards feature a detachable USB-C cable, Cherry MX switches, and doubleshot PBT keycaps. For that quiet mechanical sound, we recommend Cherry MX Silent Red or Silent Black. Compared to MX Blues, Whites, and Greens, MX Reds, Blacks, and Browns are more quiet. However, they still have the bottom out sounds that reverberate throughout the office. The MX reds, blacks, and browns work well with O-rings and won’t annoy your colleagues.

Various options are available depending on the feel that you desire. The keyboard comes with two dual-angle adjustable kickstands. The wire must also travel through routine channels depending on where your PC is located in relation to your keyboard. Zeus engine allows you to remap keys and edit RGB (if your keyboard has RGB lighting).

There is no flex or wobble on either board, and both have a plastic case with a low comfortable typing angle. Both keyboards are quite sturdy and feel incredible.

Durgod’s best feature is that they pay attention to the stabilizers. They come pre-lubricated from the factory and are almost silent when in use. The spacebar in particular sounds great.

There is a difference in price between the full-sized and tenkeyless versions, but both are excellent options for the office. The colors and design are completely office-appropriate, and the Cherry MX Silent switches reduce the noise to the level of a membrane keyboard.

  • Doubleshot PBT keycaps
  • Affordable pricing
  • Adjustable kickstands
  • Easy to use software
  • Backlight and RGB costs more as well
  • Price is more for the silent switches than regular MX switches

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3) Logitech G513 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G513 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Logitech G513 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

We recommend Logitech’s G513, which offers smooth, rapid keystrokes with little resistance.

Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G linear switches have a similar form and feel to Cherry MX, but with a more shallow actuation point. With very little operating force and impressively quiet operation, the keypresses are responsive and fluid. With 26-key rollover and anti-ghosting, every keypress registers no matter how frantic the in-game action gets.

The Logitech G513 is housed in an attractive minimalist aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis. A leatherette wrist rest with plush memory foam is attached. We can’t speak highly enough of the G513, which is usually regarded as an afterthought when it comes to rests. Even after long sessions, the keyboard remains extremely comfortable.

In addition to Lightsync RGB backlighting, Logitech G513 features USB pass-through, full function keys that can be toggled off to avoid accidental keypresses (these keys also double as media controls), a contoured keycap replacement set, and macros that can be programmed via Logitech G Hub. A variety of RGB attributes are included, including presets, game-state integration, screen sampling, an audio visualizer, and per-key programming.

Logitech offers an alternative version of the G513 with Romer-G tactile switches for those who prefer them. While keeping noise to a minimum, they deliver that familiar ‘bump’ feedback. It’s not as quiet as the Romer-G linear, but close enough to qualify as a quiet mechanical keyboard.

  • Comfort + plush wrist rest
  • Romer-G linear switches
  • Minimalist design
  • Expensive
  • No dedicated media controls

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4) Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

If you’re looking for the really simple white lettering on black keyboard look, but you still need a mechanical keyboard, this one is for you. This keyboard lacks a dedicated number pad since it is tenkeyless. There is a full-sized version here on Amazon, but you’ll need to buy additional O-rings there to make it more office-appropriate since the MX Reds still have a loud bottom out sound compared to the MX Silent Reds of the TKL model.

Filco Majestouch 2 TKL’s keycaps are pad printed ABS. Over time, they will become shiny. Since both versions have the same layout, it is simple to replace them with PBT keycaps. There is no need to worry about keycap sizing. If you work in a dark environment, there is no backlighting. You should still be able to see all your keys because of the contrast between the white legends on the black keycaps.

There are side-printed secondary media functions on the function row. There is also Windows Lock, so you don’t accidentally open the Windows menu while working.

The bottom of the table has four rubber feet to prevent slipping, and there are two single-angle kickstands if you prefer a steeper angle. In addition, the cable is not detachable, but it is quite thin and doesn’t clutter your table space. The board has very subtle branding on the front right side. Above the navigational cluster, there are two light indicators for Caps Lock and Scroll Lock.

  • Variety of mechanical switches
  • Clean and sleek aesthetic
  • Full size version available
  • No backlight option
  • ABS keycaps

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5) Cherry G80-3000 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Cherry G80-3000 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Cherry G80-3000 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

If you want to avoid funny looks from co-workers with a keyboard that blends into the office environment while still ensuring quiet operation, then we recommend the unassuming but excellent Cherry G80-3000.

If only for its simple, almost drab, looks and functional design, you could call Cherry G80-3000 retro. It weighs almost a kilogram. It feels virtually indestructible in the hands, indicating years of sustained use. Before the keyboard starts to fail, you can expect to press 50 million keys.

Cherry provides excellent linear MX switches that are smooth, quiet, and responsive. Each keystroke feels precise, and accidental presses are rare. It feels precise in the hand, but does not provide tactile feedback like non-linear switches. In exchange for the Cherry G80-3000’s lower operational noise, you make this sacrifice. The noise is relative to other mechanical keyboards, so consider a membrane option if you want genuinely silent operation.

There are no added extras. There is no USB pass-through, media controls, RGB backlighting, or macros. The Cherry G80-3000 excels in data input, typing, and coding, but falls short in gaming. One to avoid if you want all the RGB trimmings and showy ‘gamer’ looks.

The Cherry G80-3000 is pricey for what it provides, and you could get much more from a gaming keyboard for the same price. If you are a professional typist, it is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a premium typing experience.

  • Ideal for productivity tasks
  • Durable
  • Cherry Switches
  • Not the best looking keyboard
  • No extra features

6) Leopold FC980M Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Leopold FC980M Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Leopold FC980M Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

Leopold’s FC980M has a special compact layout that still has the arrow keys, number pad, and part of the navigation keys. All of the functions are retained, but the width is about the same as a tenkeyless keyboard. You can see that Leopold offers different keycap colors if you look around, but this keyboard looks extremely simple and office-appropriate.

A profile keycap they use is called SS2 and is very similar to OEM profile and Cherry profile. All of them are sculpted to reduce the distance between each keyboard row for enhanced comfort.

Leopold is one of the most well-known prebuilt keyboard manufacturers within the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community.

It features a detachable cable, doubleshot PBT keycaps that are oil-resistant and more textured than ABS keycaps, and a layer of felt within the case to reduce reverberation and echoing in the case.Many other Leopold keyboards are available in different sizes, from 65% all the way up to full size.

Your preferences for sizing just depend on what you prefer. The FC980M is probably the best for office work because it has almost all of the keys of a full-sized keyboard but is smaller and more portable. You can learn more about the different Leopold keyboard sizes here.

  • Variety of MX switches available
  • Detachable cable
  • Compact yet completely functional
  • Looks good
  • Not a USB-C cable
  • Hard to find
  • May be out of stock sometimes

7) Realforce R2 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Realforce R2 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Realforce R2 Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

The Realforce R2 is unique in that it has Topre switches. Topre switches have a mechanical keyboard feel, but have a rubber dome at the bottom. Activated by the hall effect, Topre switches are capacitive.

As they feel so different, these switches may not be for everyone. Although some people swear by them and cannot go back to mechanical switches after using Topre switches. One of the disadvantages of Topre is that it can be loud unless you lube and silence the switches, which can be time consuming.

Topre keyboards come with silent switches as an option.Topre switches are expensive, but clones such as the Niz Plum by Epomaker are also available. Niz Plum switches are extremely light and reduce fatigue after prolonged typing sessions. Despite being a rubber dome keyboard, the Realforce R2 also features N-key rollover. It differs greatly from a membrane keyboard.

It comes with a nondetachable cable. The R2 has dye-sub PBT keycaps that last despite long typing sessions and heavy use.

Realforce Topre keyboards come in a variety of editions, depending on how heavy you want your switch to be, the size of your keyboard, and whether you want RGB backlighting. Here is the most office-appropriate version with a black case (also available in all white), subtle branding, full-size with the numberpad, and dye-sub PBT keycaps.

  • Still has arrow keys
  • Dedicated macro keys for productivity
  • Costs a little more than other keyboards
  • Tenting kit costs extra

8) Kinesis Freestyle Pro Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Pro Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
Kinesis Freestyle Pro Quiet Mechanical Keyboard
View at Amazon

Kinesis Freestyle Pro is the only split ergonomic mechanical keyboard on this list. The following may be really good for you or not, depending on your circumstances…so make sure you read on.

Freestyle Pro comes with Cherry Mx Silent Red switches, which are great for the office. It is split in such a way that you must be able to touch type with your left hand hitting T,G, and B for the middle letters and your right hand hitting Y, H, and N for the middle letters. If you mix these anywhere while you type, then this keyboard will be very uncomfortable for you.

If you use the Escape key often, the Esc key is actually quite far away. This keyboard has a layout similar to a 65% that has been split in half. 65% means that there are arrow keys and navigational keys, but no number pad. The keyboard does have the function row, and on the left side are 10 additional macro keys for greater productivity.

It feels very uncomfortable and large while typing on this keyboard if you have small hands. It has nice software, and it is easy to record macros for office tasks that require you to type the same thing over and over again.

There are arrow keys on the bottom right, but if you need to enter numbers, get a separate number pad. Observe that the right shift is smaller at the bottom right. It may take some time to get used to, depending on which side of the shift key you use while typing.

This keyboard may help ease wrist pain if you type a lot at your desk. It has won awards for its ergonomic design. By purchasing the additional tenting/tilting kit, you can also raise the keyboard and adjust its angle.

  • Ergonomic
  • Split design
  • Large design
  • Small right shift key

Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard for Work?

Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

You don’t need me to convince you why mechanical keyboards are the best if you’re an enthusiast or use one at home.

For those of you just looking into this, I recommend you read our beginner’s guide, which will help shed some light on why you would need one for work.

In short, if you work in an office, chances are you type nonstop.

The mechanical keyboard is simply amazing! It offers so much to every user. The switches, framing, functionality, led lighting, PCB boards, and several other features make them one of the best keyboards you can buy.

Hence, you should be completely comfortable with the keyboard that you use on a daily basis (without it being noisy). In addition to improving the quality of everyday work, this will also make it easier on your wrist and fingers, as well as improving productivity (not to mention making your keyboard quiet).

You don’t want to spend $150+ on a new mechanical keyboard to use at work only to be banned from using it because of workplace complaints.

We’ve compiled a list of the best office-friendly quiet mechanical keyboards to help you avoid the drama! The keyboards are designed to be silent as well as have all the other great features of a mechanical keyboard (actuation force, RGB, backlit, programmable, etc.). In the end, you get to keep your job and your keyboard.

Mechanical Switches

There are three types of switches – linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches provide a smoother and more consistent keypress with less audible and tactile feedback. They are activated when the key is pressed all the way down. There is a satisfying physical ‘bump’ when a keypress registers approximately halfway through a key’s travel. Clicky provides an audible high-pitched click sound when pressed and is essentially a louder tactical switch.

Cherry MX is by far the most popular brand name switch. For convenience, Cherry has assigned a color to each switch type based on its pressure, feel, and audio feedback characteristics. Other manufacturers, such as Logitech and Razer, also make their own proprietary switches that are more or less inspired by the Cherry MX family.

When choosing a keyboard, we recommend finding out what type of switch it uses, then doing some research to see if it suits your keyboard style and the games you play most often.

Size And Tenkeyless

When purchasing a mechanical keyboard, it is worth considering the size options available.

The full-sized keyboard is the most common. Typical size with a ten-key number pad on the right. The tenkeyless keyboard does not include the right-hand number pad, as its name suggests. The number and page-up style buttons are ideal for those who don’t use them very often.

Finally, there are tenkeyless keyboards that have a reduced footprint (both in width and length) and do not have function keys. For those with small desks or who prefer a keyboard they can transport easily, the FN keys are often incorporated into other keys.

You won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality because of the smaller form factor since the smaller versions feature the same genuine mechanical switches and associated performance.

Price And Features

It’s no secret that mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane and chiclet keyboards. A rugged design, long-lasting quality, and the performance advantages of those prized mechanical switches are what you get for your money.

There are so many options out there that manufacturers are competing for your business. The result is that prices are much more affordable than you would expect, especially if you are happy with a no-frills keyboard with genuine mechanical switches.

It’s well worth asking yourself whether you actually need RGB light shows, macro keys, media controls, and other added features before committing to a purchase.

In any given week, we invariably see one or two mechanical keyboards from the big-name manufacturers discounted on sites such as Amazon. If you want a feature-rich keyboard but don’t want to pay the full retail price, be on the lookout for these price reductions.


With something fun to type on, your work environment doesn’t have to be so boring.

Get yourself a mechanical keyboard and the appropriate switches, and voila! Having a sleek, professional, and silent mechanical keyboard is something you’ll enjoy using every day.

Additionally, mechanical boards make typing easier as they can require less force, can be programmed, and can be customized.

We have reviewed every keyboard on this list and can vouch for their quality (and quiet sound). Investing a small amount in a high-quality keyboard can improve how you work and type in your office environment.

Matias’ super quiet mechanical keyboards were another contender that didn’t quite make the cut. They aren’t as popular in gaming rigs, but their keyboards are pretty quiet. 

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