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Best Mouse Bungee in 2022

Best Mouse Bungee in 2022

A bungee is a fancy word for a mouse cord holder. These holders decrease drag when you pull or push the mouse.

Thinking of buying a Best mouse bungee 2022 but not sure yet? Well, you’re not alone. The mouse bungee can seem kind of unnecessary to most people. And if you buy the wrong one, then it is.

If you’re hesitant to buy a bungee, we can only make your purchase more enjoyable by presenting to you the best mouse cord holders that are worth the price.

Before you buy a mouse bungee, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Advantages of Mouse Bungees

A mouse bungee holds a cord firmly in place, usually at a higher level, which prevents friction from interfering with your gaming experience.

The cursor moves smoothly so you can pan views with your mouse.

Mouse cords often tangle up with keyboard and microphone cords. Putting anything else on the table can be rather irritating. Bungees can help you get rid of the clutter on your desk.

It’s possible to use a mouse bungee to manage keyboards and headsets, too.

Your gaming station will be highly aesthetic and unique if your bungee features LED lights. Bungees are highly pleasing to the eye. Your station will be stunning, and you’ll look great.

Best Overall
CM Bungee
CM Bungee
  • Its two legs and iron core keep it stable, preventing it from tipping
  • Its flexible arm can rotate in four directions
  • It is low in price, but high in value
Editor`s Choice
  • Game bungee with 3 years warranty
  • Features 4 USB ports
  • Height and width can be adjusted in all directions
Best Budget
Razer Bungee
Razer Bungee
  • Boosts gaming skills by maintaining smooth cursor movement
  • Works well for Fortnite and CS: GO
  • Does not slip or topple over on the desk

Top 10 Mouse Bungee Best Buy 2022

1) Razer Bungee

Razer Bungee

If you’re not sure if a mouse bungee is worth it, then try the Razer Gaming Bungee. This chord holder will show you why so many people choose bungees.

To begin with…

A powerful 3.2 mm drag reduction is achieved with the Razer Bungee. It is lightweight in design but heavy enough to secure your mouse cord firmly in place.

A rust-proof coating on the spring arm allows your bungee to be sustained, even under the harshest tug. The bungee stays secure, even under the hardest tug.

What’s more?

It’s a great mouse cord holder for gamers as it reduces drag and resistence when you move the mouse. It keeps the cursor moving smoothly.

Not only that…

You should not have any problems with compatibility with the Razer Bungee Mouse. The only drawback we found was that it is not adjustable.

You can tilt the spring arm and adjust the cord length to adjust the height. You cannot make it taller or shorter, though.

Last but not least…

The bungee arm cannot be widened or narrowed either, so if your mouse cord is too thick, this product might not work for you.

It helps you keep your gaming experience smooth and lag-free while reducing the clutter on your gaming desk.

  • Boosts gaming skills by maintaining smooth cursor movement
  • Works well for Fortnite and CS: GO
  • Does not slip or topple over on the desk
  • Height and head width cannot be adjusted

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2) BenQ Bungee

BenQ Bungee

Is your cable interfering with your mouse movement?

Consider the BenQ Zowie CAMADE, a mouse bungee with a weighted base that stays grounded while you play your favorite games.

What about the design?

With so many peripherals attached to a gaming station, it can get messy. But now, clear up your station with a BenQ bungee.

What makes this bungee so unique?

This BenQ has a spring arm that can be adjusted vertically, so you can customize the height of the bungee cord to your liking.

The height-adjustability feature is a plus compared with a few other products we reviewed.

Is that all? No! Here’s more…

The arm has a rubber clip that is compatible with most mouse cables, but if you have a thick cable, then you may need a wider clip.

Since the clip is made of rubber, there is some room for adjustment, but there are definitely some limitations to the compatibility.

What’s the real story?

Because the whole mouse is made of hardened rubber and stays on the table, you can jerk it around really fast without worrying about it falling off.

This feature is best suited to games that require a lot of camera panning, such as CS: GO and COD.

  • Adjustable height
  • Compatible with most computer and gaming mice
  • The heavy base prevents jerks and slips
  • Rubber feet prevent the base from tipping over
  • Sudden mouse movements are possible with this BenQ
  • Best for games requiring rapid cursor movements
  • It is not possible to tilt the head back and forth

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3) CM Bungee

CM Bungee

Are you looking for something that stands out from the crowd?

With a design like a scorpion, the CM Storm has two legs and a bungee arm. Jet black in color and smooth plastic in texture, you’ll definitely spice up your gaming setup with this new accessory.

But, there’s a catch…

It’s not just about looks. The CM Skorpion bungee has all the features a good bungee should have: flexibility, movability, and customization.

More on this later…

First of all, the cord arm is made of rubber that allows you to adjust the length as well as the angle of the cord. This feature makes it the perfect companion for gaming, as comfort is key to a good gaming experience.

What’s more?

Even if you pull it really hard, it won’t fall over because the iron core keeps it grounded. Even if you pull really hard, it’ll stay upright because of the scorpion legs.

This dual leg design actually makes it more stable than other bungees. We loved the CM Storm Skorpion, and we know you will too.

What other unique features it has?

Skorpion has an arm head that has an adjustable width. This means cords of all thicknesses can fit inside. There are certainly some limitations, but the compatibility is higher than most.

And on top of that, the fancy design doesn’t come at a steep price either. This bundle is the best value for the price.

  • Its two legs and iron core keep it stable, preventing it from tipping
  • Its flexible arm can rotate in four directions
  • It is low in price, but high in value
  • There is no doubt about it
  • The base can become extremely dusty

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4) ENHANCE Bungee


Try the Enhance Pro Bungee if you prefer a glowing aesthetic.

This bungee, similar to the Skorpion, has a unique design. Its base has a multi-color glow that makes your gaming setup stand out. You can now live-stream games to your audience.

Why Enhance is a gamer’s best friend?

Featuring seven LED colors ranging from yellow, blue, green, red, and even multi-color, your gaming set up will be greatly enhanced.

Let’s talk about functionality.

With four USB ports and a highly flexible bungee arm, this gaming bungee is not only stylish, but it’s also highly functional.

The USB ports can be used to plug in other peripherals, such as keyboards and microphones, so that you can keep all your accessories in one place.

How can you actually adjust it?

With the bungee arm, leg height, head tilt, and arm height adjustable, you can make gaming more comfortable.

Besides that, it has all the expected features, including a non-slip base and a weighted base. However, the base has no legs, so stability is lower than with other chairs.

Last but not least…

However, the Enhance does have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, so if your bungee breaks or the LED no longer works, you can get a replacement for free.

Additionally, the design of the Enhance is space-efficient, which means it takes up less space on your desk, and helps to clear up clutter.

  • Game bungee with 3 years warranty
  • Features 4 USB ports
  • Height and width can be adjusted in all directions
  • Reduces clutter created by cables
  • The base of this bungee is less stable than other bungees

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5) Cougar Bungee

Cougar Bungee

Some people don’t want an exceptionally fancy bungee. They just want simplicity packed with compactness. And that’s exactly what the Cougar Gaming Bungee offers.

The Cougar is not much to look at, but that’s its whole charm.

What’s hidden in its design?

The design of the bungee is minimalist and professional. There are no fancy lights, and the base is compact and circular.

The arm is also very minimalist, with little to no color variation. The only accent is the orange logo in the middle.

Besides being stylish, the Cougar is an excellent bungee for keeping your mouse cord under control.

What’s so special about the Cougar?

The Cougar features a suction pad at the bottom to keep it firmly in place. Unlike other mouse bungees, it did not tip over or move at all during testing.

To add to all that…

In the Cougar, the bungee cord is grounded by suction alone, so there is no need for the core to be heavy.

As a result, the weight of the bungee is greatly diminished, making it easy for anyone to move. The suction is not only stronger, but also reduces the overall weight.

Here’s more…

With its simple design and compact features, the Cougar is highly portable and can be placed practically anywhere on your desk, clearing the space for you.

  • Designed with a low-profile so as not to dominate your gaming space
  • Using suction rather than a heavyweight core, the Cougar is very lightweight
  • It is very space-saving
  • There is a Bungee arm to customize, which is extremely flexible
  • Specks of dust tend to accumulate easily on suction pads due to bungee’s tightness

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This bungee has a classic design with a prism base and rubber tip arm. It’s very good for eSports and playing online games.

In professional games, players need to use bungees like this to manage cables and keep their cursors moving smoothly.

To add to that…

The heavy-duty iron core prevents the bungee from falling over, so you can move your mouse around as you please without worrying about tugging on it.

In spite of its heavy core, the Casethrone is a bit hard to handle. It increases the risk of injuries to your toes as well.

For its high durability, we recommend the Casethrone. It is made of ABS plastic along with silicone and stainless steel.

Why does this matter?

While this makes the product more durable, it makes it heavier as well. ABS, on the other hand, is not very eco-friendly either. But if you’re looking for a product that will last, the Casethrone is the perfect choice.

Not let’s see adjustability.

It cannot swivel or be adjusted to fit thicker cords; the arm can only be adjusted vertically.

In addition, the Casethrone features three clips instead of one. This means more security and assurance. And each clip is made of hard silicone, so it fits most mouse cords.

What’s more?

For maintenance, the silicone head can be removed easily, so you can clean your bungee with no hassle.

  • Stainless steel core prevents slips and tugs
  • Made of silicone and ABS plastic to last a long time
  • The head can be detached to make maintenance easier
  • Head cannot be turned from left to right
  • ABS plastic is not eco-friendly

7) KLIM Bungee

KLIM Bungee

A mouse bungee with KLIM offers the perfect control, avoiding any blockages or interruptions. This ensures optimal fluidity. The extension is completely stable.

What’s more?

There is no need to worry about your arm now. You can play your favorite games.

It not only offers you the perfect control, but also fulfills your USB port needs. It uses the latest USB 3.0 technology and a powerful power supply, giving you enough freedom to insert your USB and complete your work.

What’s the real story?

Besides the USB port, this gaming mouse bungee also comes with a handy SD slot that keeps your desk organized.

Furthermore, it helps you accomplish your tasks as quickly as possible with as little clutter as possible, giving your working area a professional and organized appearance.

Here’s why…

It comes from a reputable brand so its quality is never compromised. It isn’t likely to be damaged or broken. The warranty is five years, which is long enough for a good quality product.

Last but not least…

It is available in black-grey color which gives it a professional appearance. It will add beauty to your working environment. You can now place it in your room and enjoy the modern vibe of this mouse bungee.

  • The extension has perfect control
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty and has a micro USB port and a card slot
  • It is extremely stable
  • The color combination isn’t that great

8) ENHANCE Bungee


The design and color combinations of this mouse bungee immediately grab our attention. It has two colors: black and blue. Blue is the color used for the lighting effect.

What’s more?

When you are using it on your table it gives you more comfort than you can imagine.

But, there’s a catch…

Furthermore, it has a flexible silicone bungee arm that holds braided and non-braided mouse cables to improve performance and eliminate drag.

Why does this matter?

Now you can play as many games as you want without worrying about the wires tangling and interfering with your play.

That’s not all…

A USB port as well as rubberized feet keep this mouse in place while you are playing. The non-slip pads and rubberized feet help it stay in place while you are playing. It does not move away when you pull the mouse towards yourself.

What’s the best feature?

The lights are impressive to complement the tower, mouse headset. This ensures that the aesthetics of your playing or working area are not compromised. It gives such a sparkling and relaxing look to the place.

Last but not least…

Because the mouse bungee is backed by a 3-year warranty, there’s no need to worry about its quality.

  • 3-year warranty
  • 4 port USB hub
  • Made of the highest quality
  • Some users may not like lighting

9) NPET Bungee

NPET Bungee

When we talk about the best mouse bungee, we cannot forget about the NPET. It has 3 non-slip pads underneath, providing a secure grip on the mouse.

What’s more?

However, it has a separable design. If you want to go to your friend’s house, you can shift it there with your mouse bungee.

The cable of this mouse is attached to flexible silicon bungee arms. This ensures that the cable retains its texture, shape, and does not become tangled. These all contribute to precise control.

Why does this matter?

This bungee arm is perfect for eSports and other competitive games. You can participate in national competitions with this arm and it will not let you down.

Because it is mini, it takes up the least amount of desk space, so you have plenty of room for your mouse to move. Your desk will not look like a mess. You can attach it to any window and it will work well.

The best part?

Not only does it come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you can also replace a faulty piece within 24 months.

That’s not all…

Power devices can be changed according to their requirements. You only need to connect them and play; no other software is necessary.

  • Pads protect against slippage
  • LED lighting
  • USB hub with four ports
  • Professional gaming looks
  • Mouse bungees have not been well received by some people

10) Generic Bungee

Generic Bungee

This gives Generic a professional, yet elegant look. You can place it anywhere and on any desk. The black color gives it an elegant look.

What’s more?

The size of the mouse is very compact. First of all, it will not take up a lot of space on your desk. As its size is minimal. Secondly, it will provide plenty of room for the mouse movement. You can now move freely.

What’s the real story?

A metal rod will not break off, and the plastic material will last a long time. The metal rod is extremely durable and will not break off.

It won’t cause you any trouble. Just put it safely in a bag and start your journey.

More on this later…

The mouse bungee is ideal for games like CS and CF. The wire won’t tangle and you can play without any hindrance.

The best part…

This bungee works best with corded mice. Therefore, you are not bound to a particular mouse for playing. If any of your mice is not working and you need to change it, you can do so right now without worrying about this bungee mouse compatibility.

  • This mouse is made of metal and is available in pure black
  • It works with any corded mouse and is perfect for games
  • The wire clip can be adjusted
  • It is flexible
  • There is no USB port on this product
  • It has no lighting effects


Mouse bungees: are they worth it? Professional gamers need mouse bungees to prevent drag and maintain a smooth cursor. Many people think they’re wasting their money, which can be true if you choose the wrong bungee.

If you’re still unsure whether you should buy a mouse cord bungee, then wait no longer. There are some great bungees out there. The only thing you need to do is to buy one and get comfortable. This is exactly what a mouse bungee provides.

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