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10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2022

10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2022

Nobody likes the sensation of a burning laptop. If you’re playing a movie or working on an intense project, the heat emanating from the battery can not only be uncomfortable, it can also cause unrepairable damage. By investing in a laptop cooling pad, you can prevent problems such as battery expansion and heat damage. The best laptop cooling pads reduce the temperature of your laptop while remaining quiet, easy to use, and consistent. With the best laptop cooling pad, finding a product that does all of these things at once can seem easier than it actually is.

No matter if you’re a serious gamer or use a laptop model that consistently gets warm, investing in a quality laptop cooling pad can make a huge difference. Based on functionality, simplicity, and design, we selected the following laptop cooling pads. If you’re looking for the perfect laptop companion, keep reading.

Best Overall
TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad 
TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad 
  • 14.6 x 11.81 x 1.5 inches
  • 2.09 pounds
  • Small LCD screen
  • Adjustable speed
Editor`s Choice
KLIM Bamboo - Laptop Cooling pad 
KLIM Bamboo – Laptop Cooling pad 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Purchase includes an eBook
  • Fans reach speeds of 1300 RPM
  • 14.96 x 10.83 x 2.09 inches
Best Budget
KLIM Ultimate + RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 
KLIM Ultimate + RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 
  • 2.16 pounds
  • 7 colors
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 16.73 x 12.4 x 1.69 inches

Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads

1) AFMAT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, 17.3 inch

AFMAT Laptop Cooling Pad, 17.3 inch

The AFMAT Laptop Cooling Pad is one of the most efficient laptop cooling pads on the market. It is designed differently from many of its competitors. The manufacturers took a risk, but it paid off. It has just two internal fans, but those fans are capable of operating at speeds as high as 4500 RPM. This is over double the average laptop’s cooling speed. Additionally, this product has a unique seal ring that prevents air from escaping between your laptop and the pad. As a result, the temperature of your laptop will be reduced more effectively.

The AFMAT Laptop Cooling Pad also has a dust filter to prevent particles from blowing inside your laptop. With seven different height settings, you can easily set up this cooling pad in a comfortable position. In addition to being compatible with laptops ranging from 14 to 17 inches in size, it also accommodates a wide range of laptops. AFMAT is so confident in this product that they offer a 12-month warranty for those who purchase it. Users will receive their money back if they are dissatisfied for any reason.

Sadly, this laptop cooling pad is not compatible with laptops that do not have heat dissipation holes (like Macbooks). It is therefore not suitable for everyone. But if your laptop is compatible with this laptop cooler, you will not be disappointed in its performance built to accommodate multiple types of laptops, and is expected to satisfy nearly all users. 

  • Superior cooling effect
  • Built for gamers
  • Fan speed of 4500RPM
  • Sealing ring
  • Not suitable for laptops without heat dissipation holes

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2) ICE COOREL Laptop Cooling Cooler Pad,

ICE COOREL Laptop Cooling Cooler Pad,

IceCoorel Laptop Cooling Pad is a great option for anyone who owns a computer 15.6 inches or smaller. With 6 durable fans, you can expect this cooler to positively affect the entire underside of your laptop. The fan speeds can also reach 2000 to 2400 RPM. When you invest in a product like this, you’re likely to prolong the life of your laptop because it creates an environment that will prevent your battery from swelling over time.

The Ice Coorel Laptop Cooling Pad has two USB ports that allow it to connect with additional electronics for tasks such as data transmission. In addition, this laptop cooler has an anti-slip baffle, which prevents your laptop from moving around while you use it. Metal mesh also gives your laptop a sturdy yet breathable surface. This cooling pad not only provides a highly functional cooling environment, but it is also entirely noise-free. The constant buzzing of the fans won’t wake the baby or disturb anyone else.

The Ice Coorel Laptop Cooling Pad weighs just 2.02 pounds, making it both lightweight and portable. If you use a laptop, you probably appreciate its portability. It won’t slow you down if you need to move locations. We would like to see a longer power cord in future models of this cooling pad since the current cord limits outlet proximity. However, this item is still worth purchasing due to its functionality.

  • Noise-free
  • Metal mesh is durable
  • Universal laptop cooler
  • Lightweight
  • Short power cord

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3) TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad 

TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad

You won’t find many laptop cooling pads with a more unique design than the TopMate C5 10-15.6 inch Cooling Pad. However, it also competes with other options due to its internal components. The five fans in this product are designed to target the areas of your laptop that experience the most heat. Using the small LED screen, you can adjust settings like fan speed, the number of fans, and volume. It is extremely easy to adjust your cooling pad to fit a variety of situations thanks to these features. If you’re planning on doing a lot of gaming or video editing on a particular day, you can turn your pad up to its maximum setting. However, if you prefer a platform with five different height settings and no fans, this product can be switched to suit your needs.

TopMate C5 10-15.6 inch Cooling Pad weighs just 2.09 pounds, making it easy to move. With a size of 14.6 x 11.81 x 1.5 inches, you can expect this product to be relatively compact and unnoticeable underneath your laptop. Also, this product does a great job of cooling a variety of different electronics. In addition to its primary use in cooling laptops, it’s also frequently used to cool other items like routers and gaming consoles. And who doesn’t love a multi-purpose electronic device?

A reliable non-slip mat makes the TopMate C5 10-15.6 Inch Cooling Pad excellent for keeping your laptop in place. With the 23.62-inch cable, you can set yourself up a fair distance from an outlet. The USB ports give you extra connectivity.

  • Non-slip mat
  • Dual USB port
  • Can also be used for routers and gaming systems
  • 23.62″ cable
  • Could be quieter

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4) Laptop Cooling Pad for 15-17 Inch

Laptops Cooling Pad

The Laptop Cooling Pad for 15-17-inch Computers offers a well-rounded experience to anyone who needs a little boost. You can use this laptop cooling pad right away by connecting it to one of its two USB ports. The red LED lighting on this cooling pad creates a fun, futuristic feel while you’re using it. Metal mesh gives your laptop a grippy surface. Due to its efficient build, this cooling station is one of the most silent options available.

Three built-in fans can operate at speeds of up to 1300 RMP. When compared to some competitive laptop coolers, this is about half the speed. However, they offer a great cooling option as a basic option.n. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in efficiency. Laptop Cooling Pad for 15-17-inch Computers weighs just 1.8 pounds, making it barely noticeable in your backpack. But it is also easy to use, provides a tremendous amount of value and is capable of displacing hot air quickly. Also, the ergonomic design and two height options make it easy to set up your laptop in a user-friendly manner.

Investing in a cooling pad like this one will make your computer system and electronics last longer, whether you’re a student or a gamer.

  • Low noise
  • 1.8 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Value
  • Slower span speed than competitors

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5) ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6-17.3 Inch,

ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6-17.3 Inch,

Ice Correl is known for producing stellar laptop accessories, and the RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is no exception. It’s a laptop cooler with six fans that’s packed with power. It’s also surprisingly quiet. It produces 23 decibels of noise when operating. Standard conversations produce about 60 decibels of noise. In other words, you’ll be able to detect that your laptop cooler is working due to its noise, but it will be relatively quiet.

The laptop cooler measures 16 x 12 x 1.4 inches in size, so it can support laptops from 15.6 to 17.3 inches, although 17.3-inch laptops are a bit of a stretch. You can adjust the height six different ways to get the perfect angle for your laptop. As those heights become steeper, you won’t have to worry about your laptop sliding off this laptop cooler because it features an ergonomic baffle that keeps everything in place. A small LCD screen is also included on this laptop cooler, so you can see the device’s basic settings. There’s even a phone stand on the right of your laptop cooler, so you can prop your phone up.

Ice Correl RGB Laptop Cooling Pad features fun LED lights that can be switched between different modes. However, they might not be for everyone. Some users may find them distracting. But because of the overall functionality of this cooling pad, most people find it easy to appreciate it. As a result of its features, it is an excellent companion for any laptop user.

  • Quiet
  • Colorful lights and effects
  • Two USB ports
  • Includes a phone stand
  • Barely large enough for a 17.3″ laptop

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6) Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is an excellent option for large laptops. Since 15.6-17-inch laptops have a large surface area to cool, small laptop coolers just won’t do. Havit, however, offers great protection for even the largest laptops. Despite measuring 15.75 x 11.81 x 1.57 inches, this cooling pad weighs only 2.22 pounds, so it is capable of supporting large objects without being bulky. It also has a metal surface and a no-slip baffle to keep your laptop secure at all times. You can choose between a red or blue version of this cooling pad, depending on your aesthetic preferences.

This laptop cooling pad features a single button to adjust the settings, making it simple and intuitive to use. You can operate this pad with just one button rather than becoming frustrated with a complicated LED screen. Additionally, the Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad offers two USB ports to maximize connectivity. If you wish, you may connect your laptop as well as another kind of device for data transmission. Aside from the 15 different sidelight options, you can also pick the perfect combination depending on your mood with this cooling pad.

Aside from its two height adjustments, the Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad has the ability to switch positions slightly. In comparison to other laptop coolers, it lacks depth. Future models of this cooler should feature greater height adjustments.

The Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is a great option for anyone with a big laptop.

  • One button switch
  • 2 USB ports
  • Lightweight
  • 15 side light options
  • Few height settings

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7) KLIM Ultimate + RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 

KLIM Ultimate + RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

KLIM’s Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is a single fan built to last forever. Although many laptop cooling pads claim to be indestructible and silent, they rarely live up to these claims. KLIM’s Laptop Cooling Pad is both stable and truly silent. With this fan, you can run it all day without growing louder. The endurance athlete of cooling pads, you can keep your laptop plugged in at all times. This cooling pad is compatible with laptops as large as 17 inches in size. It’s also good for gaming systems and other electronics that retain a lot of heat.

The KLIM Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad has a fan that runs at 750 RPM, which is ideal for prolonged use. If you’re looking for a product that blasts heat away from your laptop in an emergency, this isn’t it. Laptop coolers can reach speeds of as high as 4500 RPM, making them ideal for quick cooling solutions. On the other hand, the KLIM Cooling Pad is best for long-term use.

The four different height settings allow you to choose from a variety of different computer angles, which is ideal for those who spend a lot of time at a desk. By adjusting the angle, you can support your posture in a healthy way. To support customers who support their products, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Wide compatibility
  • Durable
  • 5 effects
  • Truly quiet
  • Not a high-powered fan

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8) KLIM Bamboo – Laptop Cooling pad 

KLIM Bamboo - Laptop Cooling pad

It’s easy to feel good about investing in environmentally friendly products. The KLIM Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad is a great example. A product like this one not only increases the lifespan of your laptop, but it is also made of sustainable materials that are good for the environment.

It does a fantastic job of creating airflow beneath your electronics with the KLIM Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad. It has two fans that can reach speeds of 1300 rotations per minute. The ideal laptop size. Because this cooling pad produces the highest ratio of surface area to fan size, laptops between 10 and 16 inches in size are ideal pad also comes with an extra USB port for superior connectivity. It measures 14.96 x 10.83 x 2.09 inches in size, weighs 1.94 pounds, and never exceeds 26 decibels in volume. It’s hard to find a laptop cooling pad as efficient and quiet as this one.

The height of this cooling pad cannot be adjusted. You can use it on a flat surface or place it on a slight incline, but you won’t be able to moderate the angle of the incline.

KLIM provides investors with a 2-year warranty, whereas Amazon offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Together, these offers make it easy to take a risk on a product like this. The KLIM Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad is likely to become a desk staple, supporting you through all of your electronic endeavors. This product delivers an elegant design, superior hardware, and environmentally-friendly components.

  • Sounds never surpasses 26 dB
  • Elegant style
  • 2-year warranty
  • Compact
  • Height not adjustable

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Laptop Cooling Pads Buying Guide

Generally, laptop cooling pads are flat or raised platforms with a built-in fan system that’s intended to reduce laptop temperatures. This task can be performed in a variety of ways depending on the cooling pad design. They generally use a system where you blow cool air into the laptop from beneath the cooling pad. As a result of consistent airflow, your laptop sheds heat at a high rate. Prior to making your cooling pad selection, you may want to consider the following features.

1) Number Of Cooling Fans

The construction of a laptop cooling pad can help you determine how effective it will be at reducing your laptop’s temperature. You might see as few as one fan on some devices and as many as five on others. If your laptop cooler has more fans, it is better able to target specific areas of the laptop. It’s also important to pay attention to fan speed (or RPMs). The faster the fans spin, the cooler your laptop will stay.

2) Cooling Pad Noise

It’s no secret that some laptop coolers are extremely noisy. While operating the laptop cooler, you may hear a constant humming noise that distracts you from the task at hand. The noise does not necessarily affect the functionality of your device, but it is a feature worth evaluating.

3) laptop Cooling Pad Size

Choose a laptop cooling pad that’s built for your laptop’s size. You’ll want to make sure your laptop cooler is at least 11.6-inches wide if your screen is 11.6-inches. The entire surface area of your laptop will be managed in such a way that it will be better able to lower its temperature.

4) Cooling Pad Adjustability

Many laptop cooling pads have a single setting that covers the basics of laptop cooling. More versatile options will allow you to adjust to your laptop’s needs. Can you adjust the fan speed, for instance? You will be able to manage your laptop temperature as it changes. Also consider the laptop cooling platform. Platforms can be adjusted to sit at an angle, which makes them more likely to offer comfort. Even though it isn’t an essential part of the cooling process, it will make a difference to you.

Our Verdict

All things considered, the Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 offers the best cooling performance. Good looks and useful features such as a USB hub and adjustment options make it a no-brainer for those looking for the best.

Cooler Master’s NotePal XL is also impressive, thanks to its whisper-quiet operation and excellent cooling performance for a very reasonable price. If you want the quietest cooling pad experience, this is the best choice.

For gamers, we recommend the KLIM Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad. As well as featuring customizable RGB lighting and a large quiet fan, it is also the best laptop for handling the larger footprint of gaming laptops.

Is your budget tight? Thermaltake’s Massive V20 is an efficient and straightforward cooling pad. For those who prefer lap use, the Targus Chill Mat offers decent cooling in a slim, compact design.

That concludes our guide to the best laptop cooling pads. We hope that the above information helps you pick a pad that suits your needs or at least provides a snapshot of what’s out there to supplement your research. Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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