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Best laptop Backpacks and Bags in 2022

Best laptop Backpacks and Bags in 2022

If you’ve recently purchased a laptop, you probably already know that the next purchase you’ll make is a suitable bag. Laptop bags are crucial to the longevity and protection of your computer. You should look for laptop bags that are comfortable and safe to store your computer in.

From typical accidental falls and drops, your bag should absorb most or all of the shock that may crack your laptop. Design and aesthetics usually follow. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind before you choose a laptop bag.

The best laptop bags should be fun and easy to use. In order to accommodate it, you don’t have to make many compromises to your lifestyle. As well as the usual technical considerations such as the size of the laptop, listen to your instincts when making a purchase decision on factors such as color, shape, and build quality for finding the best laptop bag.

What is the Best laptop backpack and Bag?

Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger is the best laptop backpack. Our reviewer says the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag is one of the best laptop bags he’s ever used.

It is stylish, comfortable, and has an easy-to-adjust strap. The bag’s interior dividers provide a cozy place to stuff your laptop. several models of this bag. Most laptops up to the size of a 15-inch MacBook Pro can fit in the 15-inch model. The 13-inch Everyday Messenger, on the other hand, is designed for smaller ultraportable systems. 

Peak Design also makes a backpack version of the Everyday Messenger for those who prefer two straps instead of one.

It’s easy to see why the Peak Design Everyday Messenger is our favorite bag – it comes in many different models and versions based on your needs and desires. Peak Design Everyday Messenger is our top pick, but there may be other laptop bags that are better suited to your tastes in terms of style, features, and design. Check out our list of the best laptop bags.

Best Overall
Lenovo Legion 17
Lenovo Legion 17″ Gaming Laptop Bag
  • Unique style
  • Comfortable
  • Water-resistant
Editor`s Choice
Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack
Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack
  • Signature Herschel craftsmanship
  • Easily accessible pockets
  • Weatherproof zip and lining
Best Budget
Lenovo B210 Laptop Bag
Lenovo B210 Laptop Bag
  • Simple stylish design
  • Lightweight bag
  • Comfortable

Top 10 Best Laptop Bags

1) Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Peak Design’s $220 Everyday Messenger Bag is one of the best-designed products on the market today. A magnetic MagLatch closure keeps your bag secure while still being easy to open. The flexfold dividers allow you to customize your storage to meet your needs perfectly. 

It has an adjustable shoulder strap, additional hip straps to balance heavy loads, and a padded laptop sleeve that fits all but the largest 15-inch laptops. Although it was designed with photographers in mind, it’s also one of the best bags anyone can buy.

  • Magical Maglatch clasp system
  • Customizable storage dividers
  • Zippered laptop sleeve
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Pricey

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2) SwissGear 1900 Scansmart

SwissGear 1900 Scansmart

SwissGear 1900 Scansmart is an ideal accessory for frequent travelers. This bag is designed for maximum functionality by SwissGear. In combination, the features on this bag combat the challenges that arise when traveling with a laptop or other portable devices. The SwissGear 1900 Scansmart laptop backpack provides everything you need in a heavy duty bag, from the water-resistant fabric to the convenient compartments and pockets.

SwissGear 1900 is constructed from sturdy components. This bag is primarily made from polyester. This bag is made from a smooth and durable ballistic polyester fabric. The zippers on this bag are strong and won’t break easily. The grab handle at the top of the bag is reinforced so that it will last longer. Such resilience is essential in a travel bag to protect your electronics.

Laptops up to 17 inches can be accommodated in the compartment. Modern PCs are typically 13-15 inches in size. Added padding at the back of the compartment and the arm inside help secure your devices. There is enough room for your PC and other accessories. There are many storage pockets on the 1900 Scansmart backpack in addition to the main compartment. These pockets are great for storing books and stationery.

Padded straps tend to trap heat and can be uncomfortable to wear. Straps on the 1900 Scansmart bag are ventilated to counteract this negative effect. You won’t have to worry about sweat patches on your shoulders or back when carrying this bag.

  • any pockets and compartments
  • Comfortable backpack
  • Heavy duty travelling bag
  • The zippers are noisy

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3) Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack

It is a perfect example of cheap chic at its finest for under $50. The bag’s main compartment includes a fleece-lined laptop compartment that can accommodate systems up to 15 inches. 

Its design features a durable build quality, as well as several storage pockets and organizers for smooth access to devices on the go. This backpack comes in 44 different colors, so you won’t have trouble finding your favorite. 

  • Signature Herschel craftsmanship
  • Easily accessible pockets
  • Weatherproof zip and lining
  • Front pocket is too small

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4) Lenovo B210

Lenovo B210

Design, comfort, durability, and enough storage are the major benefits of the Lenovo B210 backpack. You can fit your laptop, books, and stationery in the bag. Lenovo’s sleek looking B210 backpack is a perfect travel bag. The B210 bag is a classy monochrome accessory for your professional and personal travel needs.

The backpack has a large padded laptop compartment for securing items. Protect your devices from damage by padding them in case of minor falls and bumps. You can fit a 15.6-inch laptop here. The B210’s interior includes pockets and compartments for charging cables, a mouse, and other accessories. The compartment also has enough space for books, magazines, or physical files. Students can use this backpack to store campus learning materials and devices.

Polyester is used to make the bag. When it rains, the yarn fabric will protect your books and electronics from moisture damage. You can trust this backpack to carry your laptop wherever you go.

This laptop bag does not strain your back or shoulders. To increase comfort, the B210 bag’s straps and back are padded. The B210 backpack weighs only 0.85 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry around.

The Lenovo B210 is the perfect bag for you if you need a simple but effective on-the-go companion for your books and devices.

  • Simple stylish design
  • Lightweight bag
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile bag for personal and professional use
  • The polyester fabric is a little noisy

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5) Amazon Basics 17.3-Inch Laptop Case Bag

Amazon Basics 17.3-Inch Laptop Case Bag

Consider investing in a laptop case if you are tired of carrying bulky backpacks for your lightweight devices. If you need a light-duty laptop bag, the AmazonBasics strapped laptop case is a great option.

The AmazonBasics bag is a popular choice for many reasons, one of which is its compact size. This case weighs just 1.10 pounds on its own, which isn’t heavy at all. The bag is strong and includes padding on the sides to help protect your devices.

Slim and minimalistic, the carrying case has a modern design. Use it at meetings, the office, or other formal settings. The bag can accommodate laptops measuring up to 17.3 inches, so most PCs, tablets, and other portable devices will fit well inside.

You can carry accessories and peripheral devices in the pockets and dividers on the AmazonBasics bag. These pockets will keep everything organized. This bag has enough room for your things, including computer accessories, stationery, a cell phone, or anything else you want to carry with your device.

A removable strap is included with the case. The case can be dangled over your shoulder by hooking it on the sides. There is padding on the shoulder area to ease the stress that one handed bags place on this part of the body. Alternatively, you can use the grabbing handles on the top of the bag instead of the strap.

  • Lightweight laptop case
  • Great for light-duty travelling
  • Minimalistic design
  • This is not a water proof case

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6) Lenovo Legion 17″ Armored Backpack II, Gaming Laptop Bag

Lenovo Legion 17" Armored Backpack II, Gaming Laptop Bag

Lenovo’s Legion protects your laptop with convenience, durability, and style. Legion bags are designed for students and professionals who want to protect their electronics and other valuables.

The Legion was designed as a laptop carrier, but it can also be used for other purposes. It has several compartments, which means it can be used as a travel bag or to carry other items.

With this bag, you can store your gear in designated pockets for easy access. You can store your headphones, water bottle, car keys, and more in separate pockets. The laptop compartment is one of the bag’s most stylish features. To protect your valuable gadgets, this compartment is double-layered.

In terms of durability, the Legion has established itself as a leader. Polyurethane, a water-resistant material, protects your laptop from splashes on its exterior. Through its ultra-tough design, this material plays a crucial role in protecting your valuables.

The Legion is one of the most comfortable laptop bags on the market. On the rear are special pads that enhance comfort. The shoulder straps are padded and can be easily adjusted to a comfortable length.

The interior of this bag is incredibly spacious. The laptop compartment can fit 17-inch gadgets. Additionally, there are other compartments for your gaming accessories, making the Lenovo Legion a quality, reliable backpack.

  • Unique style
  • Comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Zippers can easily break if mishandled

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7) HP Business Backpack 

HP Business Backpack

HP Business Backpacks are high-quality bags known for their lightweight design and large capacity. With a weight of 1.85 ounces, this bag is easy to carry as you go about your daily activities.

Lockable zippers are one of the unique features of this backpack. Use a small padlock to secure items in your bag as an extra security measure. Put the keys in one of the side pockets where you can easily access them.

HP’s Business Backpack is the perfect example of a clutter-free bag. It has multiple compartments for storing different valuables. Organize your items in these compartments and travel the world like a pro.

Both the outside and the inside of this backpack are secure. In addition, the RFID pocket present greatly enhances this security, which is crucial in protecting data encoded on passports and other valuable electronic information.

HP’s Business Backpack is designed specifically to carry a 17.3-inch laptop. In addition, you can use it to carry other items that you need for your business activities. The upper part of this bag has a small pocket that can be used to store some crucial items.

Unlike other premium brands, this bag has an ordinary design and is embellished with fine touches of class and luxury. The side of the bag that touches your back is comfortable and padded. The straps can also be adjusted to fit your shoulders.

  • High-quality bag
  • Clutter-free backpack
  • Secure
  • Lightweight
  • Lacks water-resistant capabilities

Laptop Backpacks and Bags Buying Guide

Buying a laptop bag for your new or existing computer is an expression of your personality. Several factors will affect how it fits in your life, including its color, shape, and build quality. Most issues should be narrowed down if this is not your first laptop bag purchase. However, if this is your first laptop bag, you may find things a bit confusing.

You might want to read a few online reviews before making a decision to increase your level of knowledge. Researching will help you determine what you prefer. When that is done, you need to look at a few laptop designs before making your final decision.

How to choose the best laptop bag for you?

To make your search a little easier, it’s a good idea to narrow down your options to laptop backpacks that meet your needs. A laptop backpack has several very important aspects you must consider before buying, including size, compartments, and innovative designs that maximize space while still maintaining TSA-friendly dimensions.

1) Size

If you intend to purchase a laptop backpack, you’ll have to make sure your laptop fits into the backpack you choose.  Your laptop’s width (from left to right) and depth (from the hinge to the lip) should be measured. When searching the internet for a laptop backpack, you will need to make sure that it is at least an inch longer than your laptop’s width, since laptops tend to sit vertically in laptop backpacks. The backpack should also be wide enough to accommodate your laptop’s depth.

If you are planning to travel, it would also be a good idea to check if the backpack complies with TSA guidelines.

2) Compartments

These are the areas where laptop backpack makers get creative and design bags that fit specific consumers. When you commute and travel with a lot of small items, it’s best that you go for a laptop backpack with lots of fun pockets and pouches.

If you’re a businessperson on the go, keep an eye out for backpacks with compartments that can hold your files and folders safely.

3) Useful Features

I look for a laptop backpack with a USB charging port in case my phone runs out of juice and I don’t want to deal with airport outlet hoggers. The best laptop backpacks offer useful features that will make your commute and travels so much easier.

4) Durability

You should also consider the fabric and material of your backpack. If you are going to be exploring rugged areas or regions with frequent inclement weather, you should definitely invest in a durable laptop backpack. If you’re going to a wet climate, you may want to purchase a water-resistant backpack.  A laptop backpack is also highly recommended.

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll likely put your laptop backpack under your seat quite often, so you’ll want to choose a fabric that resists spills and stains, such as water-resistant polyester. 

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