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Best Keyboard Piano Under $100 2022

Best Keyboard Piano Under $100 2022

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a keyboard. It depends on your needs. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s great to get the best keyboard piano under $100 without risking too much before the piano has become something you stick with.

Despite this, you should probably know that if you only have a $100 budget, you cannot really get a keyboard that is close to an acoustic piano. A keyboard piano under $100 can satisfy you to some extent if you’re a notice player.

As such, we have compiled a list of 10 best keyboard pianos under $100 that have unique features and high build quality, ensuring that you choose the right one for you.

How to Select a Cheap Keyboard Piano?

Choosing the best budget keyboard piano is not an easy task. Ensure that the piano you intend to purchase is worthy of your use. Therefore, you must take some features into consideration before you consider getting a cheap digital piano.

Number of Keys

The number of keys on a piano allows you to compose a variety of music. The more keys there are, the more sound effects can be produced. Therefore, if you only have a budget of 100 dollars, you won’t be able to buy a keyboard with 88 keys or more.

Some piano brands, however, offer 61 keys keyboard pianos to people who cannot afford an expensive piano. That is why you should also consider this feature before buying a piano.

Build Quality

Another important factor in selecting a perfect cheap piano is its build quality. I realize you might be thinking about the build quality of a 100-buck keyboard piano, which in your mind must not be good.

It is indeed a mistaken perception. Many of the great pianists began their musical journeys with cheap keyboard pianos. If you want a keyboard that costs only 100 bucks, I can assure you that it will easily last at least two years if you take good care of it.

You should search the market a bit before you select a keyboard piano at an affordable price.

Connectivity Options

Keyboard pianos always come with a lot of connectivity options. Furthermore, they have a headphone input jack, USB connectivity, and some other jacks for connecting musical instruments as well.

Therefore, you should make sure that a musical piano has multiple connectivity options before you purchase it.

The features section is over, so let’s continue on to the review section, where I have discussed almost all pianos one by one:

Top 10 Best Keyboard Piano Under $100

1) Hamzer Keyboard Piano under $100

Hamzer Keyboard Piano under $100
Hamzer Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

Hamzer Keyboard Piano under 100 on our list comes from Hamzer, which has many different options. With these options, you can play the piano and learn it at the same time. At first glance, it seems promising. This keyboard piano has a smooth construction and gives you the value for your money.

A keyboard piano with a versatile array of sounds is the best choice for beginners. You can add speakers for charming sound effects. Additionally, there are 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, 24 demo songs, and 61 keyboard percussions for amazing music production.

In this keyboard piano, there are 61 keys. The keys are smooth and responsive. Additionally, a proper learning system has been integrated with this keyboard piano in order to ensure that you learn it quickly.

Constructed of solid materials, the design is incredibly portable. The piano’s lightweight body can be easily adjusted to any position.

Lastly, this piano has multiple connectivity options at the same time. It is also possible to connect a microphone and a headphone to this piano. This facilitates the learning process.

Hamzer piano keyboard is perfect from almost every perspective. Due to the budget range in which it falls, the keyboard has fewer keys. Some customers are also dissatisfied with the speakers’ sound, which becomes terrible after prolonged use.

  • 61 keys are available
  • Headphone and microphone can be connected
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Easy to use and portable design
  • Fewer keys because of low budget
  • Speakers sound is terrible with excessive use

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2) GreenPro 61 Keyboard Piano under $100

GreenPro 61 Keyboard Piano under $100
GreenPro 61 Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

Our next instrument on the list is the GreenPro Piano, a keyboard musical instrument with a wide price range and great functionality. You can play this instrument like a pro with a cheap keyboard piano under 100. It also comes with a sturdy construction. Despite this, you will enjoy this piano for a long time as well. I am including it on the list because I feel that it offers the due value to someone who just wants to get his hands on a musical piano.

Electrical keyboard pianos under 100 have 61 full sized keys and an LED display at the same time. Additionally, the keys are extremely soft and they provide a responsive touch at the same time.

Well, if you select this piano, you will also receive other benefits. It comes with a proper stand on which you can practice your sounds easily.

This keyboard piano for beginners offers three different teaching modes. With the help of 60 demo songs, 300 rhythms, and 300 timbres, learning the piano is easy.

The connectivity options are also available. It is not only compatible with a microphone or headphones, but also has USB connectivity. In other words, you will be able to connect this piano with other compatible devices.

GreenPro Piano by Click N’ Play has a lot of features. The game has a poor build quality after you start playing it. Over time, the keys become irresponsive and don’t work at all, as they are not so responsive.

  • Compact and portable
  • The stand is available for placing it
  • Connects to mic and headphones
  • USB connectivity is present
  • Poor build quality
  • Keys may become irresponsive

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3) Casio CTK-2550 Keyboard Piano under $100

Casio CTK-2550 Keyboard Piano under $100
Casio CTK-2550 Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

Casio’s CTK-2550 is a fantastic portable keyboard piano with 61 full-sized keys. It only weighs 7.3 lbs, so you can easily take it on a car trip or to a practice session.

A soft keyboard bag or the original packaging is all the player needs to keep the keyboard safe while in transit. Casio has a long and well respected track record in the production of beginner keyboards, and the CTK-2550 continues this tradition.

CTK-2550 features a “Step-up Lesson System,” which helps new players quickly learn music basics and playing techniques. The LCD screen is easy to read, and the player can see which keys to play, what notes the keys represent, and where their fingers should be placed.

There’s more, however. To further support learners, Casio has created its Chordana Play App. You can view the piano roll, as well as the musical score, on your favorite device, and play along with the tracks you want to learn.

You can also use the “Dance Music Mode,” which has 50 built-in rhythms and a variety of sounds and effects for you to experiment with. You can use this feature to create new electronic dance music, it’s inspiring and fun.

  • The “Start-up Lesson System”
  • The “Dance Music Mode”
  • Access to the Chordana Play App
  • 61 full sized piano style keys to play
  • The keys are light action and non-weighted
  • This keyboard is only suitable for beginners

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4) RockJam 54 Key Keyboard Piano under $100

RockJam 54 Key Keyboard Piano under $100
RockJam 54 Key Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

At only 8.2 lbs, the RockJam 54 Key keyboard is extremely portable. It can also be powered by batteries or the included power supply. There are 54 full-sized keys to play. This is a compact and well-designed model. It is an excellent keyboard for absolute beginners.

In addition to the keynote stickers, there is a blue backlit LCD display that is easily visible. Once the player is able to read music, RockJam includes a handy music stand for holding musical notations.

With the LCD screen, the player can see which keys and chords are being played as well as the beat point. New players can learn some useful songs through interactive teaching modes.

Once they master them, they can advance to more complex pieces. With the “Piano Maestro” iOS app, the new player can learn even more quickly. Stereo speakers and a headphone output jack allow the user to practice both in public and in private.

This is an excellent introduction to keyboards, with plenty of features to teach new users how to play to a reasonable standard. However, the sounds are rather lackluster, and they are not up to the same level as other digital piano keyboards in the under 100 price range.

  • Access to the Piano Maestro iOS app
  • An easy to read blue backlit LCD display
  • 54 full sized keys to practice fingering and spacing easily
  • Lackluster sounds
  • The included music rest feels flimsy

5) Joy Keyboard Piano under $100

Joy Keyboard Piano under $100
Joy Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

Joy Keyboard Piano is a versatile musical instrument with many keys, as well as a fast way to learn piano. The best keyboard piano under 100 has many features. When you have this piano at home, you can create something new, especially if you are eager to learn to play piano all of the time.

With Joy Keyboard Piano, you can enjoy a variety of educational lessons so that you can create your own music.

Lighting is also included in the 61-key keyboard under $100. Additionally, the keys are responsive and provide a perfect simulation as soon as you press them.

There are 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, and 50 demo songs to learn from. For learning to play piano like a boss, you can choose any demo song.

Well, the best keyboard piano under 100 comes with a digital LCD display as well. With the display, you can easily learn to play your favorite songs and create music.

Last but not least, I would like to discuss the versatility of this piano. It comes with all the necessary accessories. There is also a stand for headphones and a microphone. With a stand for the piano, you can easily adjust the piano in your house.

Joy Keyboard is a suitable choice if you have a low budget, but it doesn’t have a sustain pedal input jack. Several customers have reported this complaint, and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Comes with headphone and mic jack
  • LCD display lighting is available
  • Extremely affordable price
  • All extra accessories are present
  • No input for a sustain pedal
  • No other cons

6) Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard Piano under $100

Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard Piano under $100
Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

Alesis is known for producing professional grade instruments and audio equipment. They have also applied that expertise to the budget keyboard range. Furthermore, the Alesis Melody 61-key keyboard offers a lot for the money since it’s a comprehensive package to get a new player started.

The package includes the keyboard, headphones, a microphone, an adjustable bench, and an X-shaped stool.

A recording function is available on this keyboard. Then you can play it back to check your progress and see where you might improve. Furthermore, the supplied microphone can also be used for recording singing for a whole performance recording.

Moreover, there are more tones than on many other keyboards in this price range. Furthermore, two sounds can be layered to create entirely new tones.

A great keyboard for a modest price. This is an excellent instrument for complete beginners or kids upgrading from a more basic child-oriented instrument. It’s easy to get up and running quickly since this is a complete package.

  • Two sounds can be layered to create new tones
  • The package includes a stand, a bench, a microphone and headphones
  • The recording function is fun
  • 2 months of Take Lessons included
  • The keys feel a little cheap
  • There is no output to add a sustain pedal

7) LAGRIMA 61-key Electric Keyboard Piano under $100

LAGRIMA 61-key Electric Keyboard Piano under $100
LAGRIMA 61-key Electric Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

The LAGRIMA 61-key Electric Piano Keyboard comes with a microphone and a keyboard stand. Twelve demo songs are included, and the interface is easy to use for both adults and children. It can be powered by batteries and an included power supply, making it a portable option.

With MIDI capabilities, the user can connect the keyboard to their phone or tablet to play virtual instruments.

The keys on this keyboard are not full-size, but they are large enough for adult fingers with a bit of practice. The overall sound quality isn’t as good as some other budget keys on our list.

Despite this, they are adequate for practice and as an introduction to keyboard playing in general. For private practice and singing along with a song, a headphone output and microphone input are available.

LAGRIMA’s 61-key Electric Piano Keyboard is a decent entry-level instrument for complete beginners and novice players. Despite this, the smaller keys can be difficult to play; they don’t allow players to develop their fingering and spacing skills to be able to play a full-sized keyboard later.

  • This keyboard has MIDI functionality
  • 128 sounds and 128 rhythms to choose from
  • A keyboard stand and microphone included
  • The sound quality is not as good as other keyboards on our list
  • The smaller keys are harder to play

8) Plixio 61-key Electic Keyboard Piano under $100

Plixio 61-key Electic Keyboard Piano under $100
Plixio 61-key Electic Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

This Plixio keyboard has 61 full-sized keys, and yet it weighs only 7 lbs, making it extremely portable. It can be powered with the included power supply or with batteries.

There are plenty of features to help beginners and intermediate players improve their skills, and the sound quality is acceptable for a keyboard at this price point. There is a lesson mode option that can teach the new player enough to get started, and a music stand is included for when the student wants to learn new pieces.

The Plixio keyboard also has a USB port, so it can be connected to other devices. At this price, it is not a premium quality keyboard.

Although the sound quality is fine, there is enough functionality here to keep both beginners and intermediate players engaged. This could easily be a band member’s first gigging keyboard because of its portability.

As a result of the size of the keys, you will learn and develop fingering and spacing techniques to play a piano or other full-sized keyboard instrument later on.

  • USB connectivity to expand the sound palette
  • 60 demo songs to learn
  • 61 full sized keys to learn great playing skills
  • Very light and portable
  • The keys are good, but they are not weighted

9) Goplus Classical Kids Keyboard Piano under $100

Goplus Classical Kids Keyboard Piano under $100
Goplus Classical Kids Keyboard Piano under $100
View at Amazon

The last instrument on our list is the Goplus Classical Kids Piano, which is a little different from the others. This is more of a toy than a real piano keyboard.

Nevertheless, it’s a great way to introduce younger children to the world of instruments. For children aged 1-7, the 30-key wooden keyboard is available in a variety of colors to suit their tastes.

Playing this keyboard is like sitting at a baby grand piano, complete with a bench and a stand. It weighs 21 pounds, so it’s not very portable, and it would be better to install it permanently.

The Goplus’ lid can be lifted to change the tone, and it has child-friendly surfaces to protect young fingers. The design of this instrument makes it easy to pass it from one child to the next.

The Goplus Classical Kids Piano is an educational toy for toddlers and young children. It’s a great way to gauge their interest in playing a keyboard, and by the age of 6-7 they could transition to another one of the keyboards on our list.

  • A great way to introduce toddlers and young children to playing a keyboard
  • 30 rounded keys to produce some nice sounds
  • Well built and durable enough for multiple kids
  • Only suitable for kids in the 1-7 year range


Hopefully, now you know what characteristics and features you can expect from a keyboard under $100. Even at this price point, there is a great deal of variety, and it is important to research each keyboard to make sure that it meets the needs of the player. Make sure you have adequate space before purchasing a larger instrument that is less portable. The keyboards on our list are all budget instruments, but they can all inspire some people to learn how to play.

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