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Acer vs ASUS Laptops: Which Brand is Better?

Acer vs ASUS Laptops: Which Brand is Better?

There are many good laptop brands out there. Acer and ASUS, however, are two of the best brands for Windows users. Both of them offer a wide range of options at a wide range of price points. Whether you’re in the market for a budget-friendly Chromebook, a high-end gaming laptop, or a lightweight business laptop, both Acer and ASUS have options to meet your needs.  

Company Backgrounds

1) About Acer


Acer is a Taiwanese hardware and electronics company founded in 1976. Acer, formerly known as Multitech, offers a wide range of products, from laptops, tablets, and desktops to monitors, projectors, keyboards, and mice.

Most of their products are laptops and monitors, and their Predator gaming line is incredibly popular.

2) About ASUS


Asus is also a Taiwanese computer and electronics company. The company was established in 1989. It offers a variety of products just like Acer. However, their product line exceeds Acer’s. As well as laptops, tablets, and desktops, as well as peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice, ASUS also sells motherboards, graphics cards, routers, headsets, and smartphones.

They are considered among the top brands in most of the categories they offer products in, but especially in laptops, monitors, motherboards, and graphics cards. Asus, like Acer, has its own gaming-specific product line called ROG (or Republic of Gamers).

Best Laptop Options for Each Brand

Our list below will give you our top picks for the top Acer laptops and the top ASUS laptops across a range of categories if you’re just looking for a quick glance at some of the best laptops from each brand.

Acer vs ASUS: Rated in Five Categories

To help you understand the differences between Acer laptops and ASUS laptops, we have broken this guide down into five different categories: performance, price, design, product variety, and customer support.

Performance: It’s A Tie

Performance is difficult to judge, simply because both ASUS and Acer have a variety of laptops to choose from. There are high-end gaming laptops and workstation-level laptops from both brands. There are also budget-friendly options from both.

Both companies currently offer some extreme gaming laptops. Some of the most powerful gaming laptops currently available include ASUS’ ROG G703GX lineup and Check Price lineup. However, these two options represent the extreme end of the spectrum and will cost you at least $3,000 each. Nevertheless, both are worthy options and will deliver similar performance based on the specs you choose.

When you look at more moderately-priced options and different categories of laptops from ASUS and Acer, the performance differences are not significant. Both Acer and ASUS offer Chromebooks at a cheaper price that will perform on par with one another, both have moderately priced laptops that will work well in a work setting, and both also offer versatile 2 in 1 laptops.

Thus, it’s difficult to say whether Acer or ASUS performs better. Both offer suitable options at different price points.

Price: Slight Edge to Acer

As much as both ASUS and Acer offer competitive prices on their laptops, and while both companies have better-priced options than each other at different performance levels, overall I believe Acer edges out ASUS in terms of price-to-performance.

However, this is only true when you consider the complete laptop offerings of each brand. Acer sometimes offers a better price-to-performance ratio than ASUS. The ASUS ROG G703GX lineup for both of the extreme gaming laptop options we listed above is priced significantly lower than Acer’s Predator Triton 900 lineup on a hardware-for-hardware basis. Even though the Triton 900 lineup comes with a touchscreen display and the G703GX lineup does not, the price difference is still large enough for the G703GX to be the better buy.  However, Acer offers some really good-value options at the lower end of the price range. The Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop is priced under $1,000 and features an Intel Core i7 processor, a 144Hz 1080P display, and a GTX 1060 graphics card. It’s the best gaming laptop available right now at a great price.  

At the lower end of the price scale, Acer’s Aspire line and ASUS’s VivoBook line are great budget-friendly options, and both brands offer worthy Chromebooks. Acer appears to have a slight price advantage over ASUS on their lower-end models.

So, when you compare the two brands as a whole and when you look at their entire lineups of laptops, Acer seems to have the slight edge in terms of price-to-performance.

Design: Slight Edge to ASUS

The price range you choose will also affect the design of the home. As you compare both brands’ entire lineups, ASUS has the edge in terms of design. Because of that, I think Acer edges out ASUS in the price-to-performance department-ASUS spends a bit more on the design of its laptops, which causes their laptops to be a bit more expensive on average.

That’s not to say that Acer doesn’t offer well-designed laptops. If you compare the Acer Aspire lineup and the ASUS VivoBook lineup, neither seems to have a ‘better’ design. In addition, both the Predator Triton 900 lineup and the ROG G703GX lineup offer excellent design at the higher end of the spectrum.

ntire lineups, on the whole, ASUS has a bit more robuts of designs, and, on average, offers slightly better cooling setups. Of course, as we’ve mentioned above, there are exceptions to this at different price points.

Product Variety: It’s a Tie

It’s a tie between Acer and ASUS when it comes to product variety. Both companies offer a wide range of laptop options.reme budget-friendly laptops, to Chromebooks, to well-priced systems for casual users, to mid-range gaming laptops, and up to high-end desktop replacement gaming laptops.

Customer Support: Edge to ASUS

In their customer service department, ASUS is a clear winner over Acer. Acer and ASUS both offer decent customer service and technical support, but Acer receives more complaints on average than ASUS.

That doesn’t mean ASUS doesn’t receive complaints. They do, too. In fact, it’s rare for any electronics-driven company to not have complaints about their customer service department.

ASUS’ support department, however, is considered to be the best overall.However, both companies offer plenty of support resources on their websites and offer competitive warranties on their products.

Acer vs ASUS: Which Laptop Brand is Right for You

It wouldn’t be a good idea to conclude this post by saying Acer laptops are better than ASUS laptops. Both of these laptop brands offer a wide range of laptops at varying price points, so it really depends on how much you want to spend and what type of system you want.

The two main points you could follow if you want a very general opinion on which laptop brand you should buy are:

  • If you have a limited budget or you want the best performance for your money, choose an Acer laptop
  • If you have an extreme budget, choose an ASUS laptop

It is, of course, a very general rule of thumb. There is not much difference between ASUS and Acer laptops that meet your budget and needs, so you’ll have to do your due diligence in determining which is right for you.

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